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MTG: Time Spiral Remastered Spoilers – New Cards Revealed!

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Feb 25

Come and take a look at a new wave of Time Spiral Remastered spoilers. Find out what awaits you in the next set from Magic: the Gathering.

It’s that time again folks, with Time Spiral Remastered only a few weeks away, the spoilers have come out to play. And play they will. We’ve got a look at a ton of cards, remastered for the set. Let’s take a look!

First up, Flickerwisp, which we’re excited to see again–get ready for Death and Taxes to be back, baybee.

And then Restoration Angel, Ivory Giant, and Angel of Salvation are here to show just how amazing it’s going to be to draft in this new format. It’s a genuine shame that it won’t be on MTG Arena, but, it’ll feel good to convoke an Angel of Salvation exactly when you need it.


Or if you want another popular pair, Griffin Guide and Intangible Virtue are here to team up and make your bird tokens sing.

Do you like Aven? If you want your Birds to be Wizards or Rebel Soldiers, TSR has you covered.

How about Ajani’s Pridemate and Stonecloaker to help set the tone?


The point is, there are a lot of phenomenal cards in this set. So far we haven’t seen any that are below “what, they’re putting that in?” It is going to be a wild draft, folks.

There’s a lot of exile effects in this set–again, Death and Taxes is going to be a ton of fun here.


These four are Banishing Light, Porphyry Nodes, Mana Tithe and Return to Dust.

These last few round out today’s spoilers, but STAY TUNED, there are a ton more dropping tomorrow, 2/26 and then again on Monday, March 1st. So check back to see what else gets spoilered, we’ll be gathering all that magic right here.

What do you think of the new set?

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