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Star Wars: Disney Leaves Cara Dune’s Future in Doubt

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Feb 18

Will the end of Gina Carano’s relationship with Lucasfilm and Disney leave a Cara Dune sized hole in the galaxy far far away, or is there another?

By now you’ve probably seen that Disney and Lucasfilm will not be continuing their professional relationship with Gina Carano who brought breakout Mandalorian character, Cara Dune, to life. The use of words like, “abhorrent” and “unacceptable” make it pretty apparent that Carano’s time with Lucasfilm is at a pretty definitive end, and according to Carano she found out with the rest of us via social media. But what will this realistically mean for the future of the character?

Gina Carano as Cara Dune

If you’re a collector of Star Wars toys and action figures, you’re probably already aware that Hasbro has decided to drop Cara Dune Black Series figure from future production with other collectibles and toys likely following suit. But honestly, this will probably only make the value of the few existing Cara Dune toys raise exponentially among collectors. After all, Gina Carano notwithstanding Cara Dune was a pretty interesting character with a ton of potential who fans had very reasonably become attached to.

Despite all of these things seeming fairly finalized and falling neatly into place, the future of the character is still a little bit of a mystery. Disney and Lucasfilm have hinted that the character may be recast, and there is no lack of actresses who would be more than up to the role. However, then later reporting has Lucasfilm backtracking a little to say that Cara Dune is not expected to be recast moving forward.

This doesn’t mean that the character is gone forever between novels, comics, and animated shows that often feature different voice talent than their live-action counterparts. On the other hand, Cara Dune had a relatively minor part in the second season of The Mandalorian and was not expected to make an appearance in the upcoming Disney + spinoff series, The Book of Boba Fett, so perhaps her character’s importance was one made up by the fans and exclusion from the rest of the galaxy won’t be so greatly noticed.

At this moment, considering Lucasfilm’s most recent statement, it seems unlikely that we’ll get more of Cara Dune for at least a while. But will we really even notice? And would we have noticed if she was just too busy seeing to her marshal duties elsewhere in space to have made an appearance in The Mandalorian’s second season? I’m not so sure. Regardless, all we know for sure is that the future of Star Wars and possibly Cara Dune will keep going on without Gina Carano.


How would you like to see the future of Cara Dune tackled without Gina Carano? Would you prefer the character conveniently disappear or were you looking forward to where her story would take us? Would you have honestly noticed if she hadn’t been present for season 2 of Mando? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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