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Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Updated Drukhari Wyches Confirmed

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Feb 22 2021

The Druchari Wyches are back with an updated set of stats and weapons for 9th edition. Take a look.

This image from a miniature assembly guide has been doing the rounds. It appears to be from a new repacked 9th Edition Wyches.  It is all over facebook, and various forums.


Updated Wyches

Some items from the updated statlines:

Wych Statlines

  • Attacks increase from 2 to 3

Wych Weapons

  • Splinter Pistol changes from *poison* to S2
  • Agonizer changes from AP-2 to -3
  • Hekatarii blade changes from AP- to AP-1
  • Hydra Gauntlets increase to S+2, AP-2
  • Power Sword changes from S:User to S:User+1
  • Impaler changes from AP-1 to AP-2


This is a dramatic increase in lethality across the board. The big news is the 50% increase in number of attacks for the Wyches.


With the incredible increase in durability of the entire Astartes range, we have been wondering for months exactly how the Xenos races are going to compete. Doubly so the Eldar who by design just can’t be increased in wounds, yet are not a horde army. We have been thinking that the only way the Design team can give these factions any chance of competing is to increase both their lethality and skill. Here we see both in spades. The Wyches weapons are all deadlier with a focus on increased AP. That combined with the higher number of attacks will do work on the battlefield.

The Hekatrix in particular will be much more lethal with her 4 attacks. Hello -3 Agonizers!

I’m curious to see the poison rule replaced by S2, but these assembly instructions are famous for leaving out the fine details. With Wyches, almost their entire weapons choices have a boatload of special rules and I would expect many of these to appear in the full codex.

No one leaves the Dark City!



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