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Warhammer 40K: Chat with Dan Abnett – FTN

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Feb 22

Dan Abnett joins us this episode for an wonderful segment on how war has influenced writing and culture since we’ve had the finer skills of capturing it.

Hey all,

Mr. Abnett takes off like a rocket and we get to hear his thoughts on how war has influenced literature through the modern era. I don’t want to give away any spoilers on what he has to say but I think your ears are in for a treat. He is absolutely amazing and you don’t want to miss this show if you are fan literature.  Thanks so much for coming on, Dan!

Dan has such a wealth of knowledge on the subject and is a true master of his craft.  We try our best to ask questions we think will lure some of that knowledge out of his but in truth Dan needs no help. We are blessed with his ability to share thoughts and it’s so cool that it comes out on the podcast as well.

I think this is wonderful conversation and I hope it inspires readers to look a little deeper into the Black Library novels – or novels in general – if they weren’t already.  We love Dan’s style but this sort of meaty and tangible sense of scale is something that is present in so many of the BL books. We don’t discuss any of his current works specifically so go into it know that – to the best of my knowledge this is completely spoiler free.

I sincerely thank Dan for his time and can’t wait to catch up with him again in the future.   In the back half of the show we keep the lore train rolling with a bit of good spirited satire.

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