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Warhammer 40K: Eradicators & Bladeguard Veterans Unboxed

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Feb 2 2021

Two of the new units from the Indomitus Box finally have their solo unit releases – how do they compare? Let’s chat.

We got our hands on the new Space Marine Eradicators box and the new Bladeguard Veterans box. These are not the Indomitus models you might have been expecting (and that’s a good thing).

Eradication Measures

We’re going to start with the Eradicators box. These bad boys are now available in a box of three and have ALL the options for them. Right off that bat that means, no, these are not the same models from the Indomitus box. These are the full, multi-part plastic kits. More options, more bits, and (potentially) more poses. They have their new melta rifles – and those also have ALL the options. They even have the multi-melta included as well. So whatever load-out you wanted to field with them, you’re set.

If you look at the sprue above, you’ll also note the number of head options included. Helmeted or not, you’ve got LOTS of options here. This is a unit that has already set the meta on fire and they are a great option for many lists. Now you’ll be able to expand your squads out with whichever options you need. If you can find them in stock.

Primaris Eradicators $50



Bladeguards For All

Now onto the Bladeguard. This is another kit that folks are going to really want. Why? Because this kit is super versatile. While you can absolutely use it to expand your Bladeguard, it’s packed with a TON of extra bits that I think players are going to have a field day with the extras.

Just to kick things off – this sprue alone has 3 power sword bits. And that’s just one sprue – the other two sprues have combined 5 power swords on them, too. What does that mean? You’re going to have lots of extras. Why do you want extras? To customize your army, duh! If you buy a box of Bladeguard Veterans you can customize all your other characters – your Captains, your Lieutenants, your unit Sergeants and Champions.  You could even “convert” these into those same characters if you wanted and it wouldn’t take a whole lot of work. Don’t want to spend $35 on a single captain? Buy a box of Bladeguard, do some minor conversions, and now you’ve got a Captain and 2 Lieutenants (with optional Storm shields).

You can’t tell me these models don’t look like officers already. I think you get the idea. In anycase the Bladeguard Vet box is going to be quite popular for a variety of reasons. And it’s already a great unit and a now with all those multi-part plastic options, it’s even better!

Bladeguard Veterans $50


Both of these kits are up for Pre-Order from GW. Unfortunately it looks like they are already soldout online. Better check with your FLGS to see if they have any in stock for you…

What are you going to do with the Eradicators and Bladeguard?

Author: Adam Harrison
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