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Warhammer 40K: Five Units We Forgot Existed

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Feb 16

If time is a flat circle then I guess this must be the part of the circle where I remembered these units existed again. How time flies.

I’m having a hard time remembering the before-times. It’s getting so bad I decided to run back through the GW catalogue and look at some of the current kits to remind myself of better days. In doing so there were a few units that jumped out at me and when I saw them I said, “Oh yeah – that was a thing.” Here are those units.

Stormhawk Interceptor

Between the Stormraven and the Stormtalon and the Land Speeder Storm and the new Storm Speeder, I just kind of forgot this vehicle was a thing. But here it is! This Space Marine…uh “fighter jet” is supposed to be used as an Air-to-Air option. But with flyers taking a bit of a back seat so has the need for this vehicle. I’m not sure if it still has a place in the Space Marine Armory, but it’s still there…


I can’t decide is this is a case of a unit I want to forget or if I really did forget they existed…either way they are still in existence. Mutilators have never really been a “go to” unit. Their rules have been kind of “meh” and their models have all the old Obliterator/Chaos Spawn-ness without any of the charm. I’ve decided I’d like to forget these models again. Perhaps GW will make new versions and I’ll be surprised one day!

Vespid Stingwings

Ah Vespids…I keep hearing that this unit is real. However, I’ve never seen one on the tabletop. This might be a case where I “remember” them in the sense that I “remember” the dodo bird. They don’t actually exist anymore – except in pictures and peoples memories. It’s getting to the point where Vespids are in the same category as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Vespid? More like Cryptid.



Whoa! Drukhari have four-armed snake people in their army options?! How are these guys not more popular? Why haven’t these guys taken the tabletop by storm? This snake-bro needs to become an entire army. I’m going to re-read the description from the GW website to try to jog my memory for this unit:

“The Sslyth are the favoured bodyguards of Drukhari Archons because, unlike the Drukhari themselves, the Sslyth are ‘almost’ totally loyal. These hulking serpent-bodied warrior-fiends have two sets of arms, which means they’ve got plenty of guns and blades, all of them razor sharp and ready to slice and dice. As such, they’re perfect for protecting the Archon from any would-be assassins.”

Oh…so they are Archon bodyguards. I can understand why. Just wish there was more for this unit that I forgot existed.


If you’re like me, you probably remember there was a Triumvirate of Ynnead. You can probably recall the Yncarne. And probably Yvraine. But who’s the third member? This guy – the Visarch who really seems like more of a cross between an Aeldari Dire Avenger Exarch and Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

I think I remember this movie more than this model.


In anycase, the Visarch was entirely forgettable – and that’s a real shame. Maybe one day he’ll come back when uh…what’s her face comes back…I feel like I’m forgetting something from the Aeldari story-line…


I once heard that time was a flat circle. Funny how time flies. What are some units that you forgot existed?

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