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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team Pariah Nexus Release Dates & Prices

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Feb 17

If you want those Primaris Heavy Intercessors and Flayed Ones, they are almost here.

GW has officially announced the new Kill Team starter set is arriving: February 27th.

“Take command of the Flayed One hordes when Pariah Nexus, the latest expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team, arrives for pre-order on the 27th of February.”

Rumored Prices

There are multiple sets of prices all over the net on Facebook, and forums. Here’s the collated list of them all.

Kill Team Pariah Nexus Box $160 €125

Kill Team Munitorum Hub @$100 €80

Kill Team Sector Mechanicus @$100 €80

Kill Team Sector Fronteris @$100 €80

Kill Team Killzones @$40 €32.50

The main set is the first way to get your hands on the Heavy Intercessors and the Necron Flayed ones. The terrain sets look to be Kill Team set reprints that were hard to get when they came out previously.

~Have at it. Will you spring for the set, or wait for the standalone kits?


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