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Age of Sigmar: Hurts So Good – A Review of the Lord of Pain

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Mar 07

Sometimes pain is good, and the new Hedonite hero takes that concept to the extreme.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “No pain, no gain,” right? Well, as you might guess from his name, this guy pushes that phrase to the next level. Seeking new heights of pain and anguish and sharing them with his foes, the Lord of Pain leads his Myrmidesh followers to war in Slaanesh’s name. Here’s a quick review of the Lord of Pain and why you’ll definitely want him in your next Hedonites list.

On his own, the Lord of Pain is a pretty terrifying combatant, perfect for a warrior who mastered several combat arts and decided to go further. His Soulpiercer mace has a 2″ range and 5 attacks that hit and wound on a 3+ and deal 2 wounds with a -1 Rend. Combined with the Slaanesh exploding 6s that can make for a single turn hero delete if you roll well, and if you’re from the Pretenders faction, you can give him Sliverslash, knocking his attacks up to 6 and his potential damage per turn to a staggering 24. He’s fast too, with a 6″ move, and decently durable with 5 wounds and a 4+ save. But this is a fellow that LOVES pain, and more than that loves to share it, so just in case a wound or mortal wound does get through, you can roll a d6, and on a 5+ that wound is negated, or if it was dealt with a melee weapon reflected back at the attacker as a mortal wound. This guy is hard to put down, and he’s definitely going to hit the combat line and devastate the line.

As a commander, this guy is just as useful, making your Myrmidesh and Symbaresh units battleline so he can fill his army with warriors of his caliber. He also brings a decent command ability to the field that allows a nearby Hedonite unit to re-roll hit rolls in the combat phase, which isn’t anything earth-shattering, but it can mean the difference between tied-up combat and slaughter. Having this guy as your general might not be the strongest choice for command traits, but the battleline boost is definitely worth considering.

Will you be bringing this guy in your Hedonite lists?

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