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Age of Sigmar: Lumineth Realm-lords New Floating Temple Rules

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Mar 25 2021

The Shrines of Luminor are coming. Check out these floating temples of the Lumineth Realm-lords and what they can do on the tabletop.

Hopefully by now you know that the Lumineth Realm-lords are getting a new wave up for pre-order very soon. Unfortunately, their floating shrines are delayed* for a bit. The good news is that Games Workshop is showcasing some of their rules today so we can at least get an idea of what they do.

via Warhammer Community


“The Shrines Luminor are free-floating metaliths that dot the Mortal Realms, repurposed by the Scinari with shrines dedicated to the aelementors they revere. By directing the natural flow of magic that congregates around these hovering islands, the mages of the Lumineth can cleanse corruption from geomantic ley lines and bolster their magical prowess.”

So what, exactly, will these things do? Well for starters they have Cleansing Rituals:

Getting a re-roll to 1 casting, dispelling, or unbind roll for a character is a nice boost. But you can also garrison within in the shrine. If you do, a Hero that is garrisoned becomes it’s “Shrine Guardian” and that adds some extra boosts as well.

“Not only do the rituals allow a magic-wielding guardian to exercise greater control over their spells, but the position high above the battlefield gives those with command abilities a much easier time directing their troops.”



Depending on the Hero and the command ability this could really pay some dividends during the battle. This make the Shrine a great force multiplier and a seat of power for your characters.

This model also looks like one amazing kit to drop on the tabletop. It’s certainly eye-catching and a welcome addition to the game and LRL model range. I can’t wait to see what the community does to paint this model up and what other crazy creative things they can do with it.

*pre-orders for the Shrine Luminor will be delayed in the US and Canada.

Are you ready to face the LRL with their floating temples?


Author: Adam Harrison
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