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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Mar 01

Goatboy here and it’s time we start to think about what 40K will be like when you get out and start playing again.

As vaccines start to roll out the actual thought of playing in a 40K event again starts to breach the walls I’ve put around myself these last few months.

It has been a long year since my last event (LVO…) and I won’t lie about how excited I am to play again – even if I feel oddly about the missions and games right now.  I think it deals with only getting a few games of 9th before we had to lock it down more.  Either way – it is exciting times for sure as I finally feel like I can bust out some brand new dice, bring one of the new armies I have painted out, and maybe figure out this game.

I’m Almost Free – What Do I Do?

So with that – what the hell do I even try to play?  I still think this game can be looked at as a board control game so figuring out armies that allow me a measure of board control seems to be the best avenue for me.  I also like playing giant monsters too – but I get the feeling that isn’t nearly as amazing.  Will have to see as I trot some things out.

The other thing we have to worry about is a lot of my armies I want to play don’t have a new book yet.  This is huge as I miss out on some of the new “too easy” missions some of the new books get as well as forcing building my army to fit into a few secondaries if I need to swap between games.  As we all know I am a parent, work pretty hard at work, and don’t get as much sleep as I like to.  This all leads me to make sure if I am gaming I need to play an army that is easy enough for me to remember with a nicely written-out cheat sheet.  If you are not writing out a “how my army plays” sheet before your first event – then you are missing a much-needed bit of preparedness.

Which Green Chaos Army?

This leads me into thinking I should play one of the newer book armies which is always kind of a bummer.  The most fun I have had is with the not always amazing Chaos Space Marines – but until we see that book get its much-needed update (And fixing all their dang Daemon Engines) I might have to just go towards the current best Chaos army – the Dark Angels.  I kid – it will probably be Death Guard.  Either way, it is something to think about as I get ready to hopefully get an event at the beginning of May in Texas.  As well as some future Texas Events, maybe the New Orleans one, and who knows what else.  Heck, you can probably tell the ones I will try to go to based on the illustrations I have done.

I think I have a decent Marine army that isn’t Dark Angels so that is fun.  All foot slogging marines that are always moving, always having a chance to do something, and thankfully fully painted.  It also fits in the smallest TableWar Case (Thanks Doug!) which is also an amazing thing.  The Army is just perfect and I originally built last year it when I hoped that things wouldn’t get that bad, and that I would get a chance to play in the summer.  Oh that young innocent little Goatboy with those bright eyes and sunny dreams from last year.

Can’t Wait To See You All!

So where does this rambling bit of nonsense go – well I just want to say I am thankful I get a chance to see a lot of you hopefully soon.  I am hoping everyone gets a chance to get the vaccine, get to throwing dice, and complaining about how an army is actually dominating the Meta.  I want to see events flourish and get a chance to see some of my drawings outside of my computer screen.  I want to have the drive to build something new that I see or figure out some mean combo.  I want to get a chance to take more ridiculous pictures in amazing hats people made.  I got a ton more Golden Girls shirts to wear and even bought some special dice that will fail me at the most spectacular time in a match.


It’s been over a year and it’s been stressful.  I live off of seeing friends and playing games.  It helps reset me throughout the year as we go from long work week to an even longer work week.  I want to eat good food and drink some good booze.  I want to worry about Parker jumping me from behind in some kind of headlock.  I want to be able to get into the GW preview show the night before the event and get super excited with all the fans on some new character released in oh so pretty plastic.

Stay safe friends and I’ll see you out there soon. We’re almost there!

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