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Monster Hunter’s Zinogre is Now a Terrifying Action Figure

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Mar 2 2021

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s lupine-like wyvern is getting a monster-sized action figure that’s ready to howl at the moon after it rips you to shreds.

Zinogre is fanged, wolf-like wyvern is armed with strong limbs and sharp talons that it uses to travel across mountains, and their bodies are able to conduct electricity via special fur and unique plating. They use Thunderbugs to boost their energy during hunts and are extremely dangerous when in a supercharged state. 


This fully posable action figure was designed with the help of Kaname Fujioka, director of the Monster Hunter World video game. Its neck, torso, tail, and shoulders are articulated so you can recreate the monster’s iconic poses from the game including its howling at the moon pose and attack pose thanks to a set of swappable talons. It has translucent parts on the back to replicate the icy glow of Zinogre’s skin and fur. This monster is itching to chase down the heroes in your toy collection.

The fig is available this summer, and preferred retailers have pre-orders open now. Tamashii Nations also offers Rathalos and Nargacuga in the same scale – those are both out now.


  • Approximately 9 inches (285mm) long
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
  • Numerous points of articulation
  • Two pairs of front optional talons
  • Two pairs of rear optional talons
  • Display stand


Author: Mars Garrett
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