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MTG: Time Spiral Remastered Has Us Seeing Red – New Spoilers

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Mar 02

Looks like Time Spiral Remastered finally got around to reading Marx and Engels, because this wave of spoilers is as Red as it gets.

That’s right folks, it’s time to seize the means of production and deal just a ton of direct damage right to your opponent’s face, because the latest wave of spoilers for Time Spiral Remastered is all Red. Whether you’re redistributing wealth or fire damage, you’ll find something here. With 36 cards revealed here, we’ve got a lot to dig through, so let’s dive in comrades!

First up, some classic burn. There’s a reason mono red always works, there’s a reason you should always draft mono red if you can–and Time Spiral Remastered presents some classic examples of why that remains to be true even today.


You can feel the heat from here. But it wouldn’t be Red if there wasn’t a significant amount of Ramp in store. And that means lots of creatures, including, and especially slivers.

And other little creatures that you can throw down quickly. As well as lots of ways to mess with little creatures and make them hit harder.


In fact most of the creatures here are, as you might expect, aggressive.


And, a lot of ways to make the creatures and spells in your graveyard go much further than you’d expect.


Also, Split Cards are back. We’ve got Rough and Tumble, as well as Boom and Bust.

And finally some black that got missed in yesterday’s net. Anyway, Time Spiral Remastered is looking spicy.

What do you think?

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