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Star Wars: Four Times Boba Fett Was An Undisputed Badass

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Mar 17 2021

Star Wars most famous bounty hunter turned Baby Yoda uncle has had a long history in the galaxy as we know it, but which moments are his best?

Life Day Special

One of my favorite bits of not-so-little-known trivia is that Boba Fett’s first official introduction to the Star Wars universe was during the infamously bad Life Day Special. If you have seen this, my condolences and we should start a support group. If you haven’t, it was a wildly out-of-date piece of media that utilized the variety show format – a kind of show that had fallen out of favor before the Life Day Special even aired. If you were thinking that it may be cheesy now but good by 1978’s standards, well it wasn’t even good then.

But despite what a glorious train wreck the special managed to be, it did have a short shining moment in the middle with Boba Fett’s animated Star Wars debut. There’s a battle that makes his whoopsie-daisy into the Sarlacc Pit an obvious fluke, the style of animation makes him look like the old school anti-hero he deserves to be, and he even rides that ichthydont (or what I will forever refer to as a dinosaur). If you don’t ever watch another moment of the Star Wars Life Day special, hunt down this animated short. It is the one part that’s a little cheesy now but pretty cool for 1978.


Fight Obi-Wan With Jango Fett

Into his adulthood Boba Fett is more than capable of holding his own against Jedi, but even as a child he was helping Jango take them on. For example, the scene from Attack of the Clones where Jango Fett and Obi-Wan duke it out on Kamino involves quite a few assists from a young Boba as he shoots at the Jedi from a parked ship. In the end they work together to drive Kenobi away, but the father and son success is short-lived.

Longstanding Professional Relationship With Darth Vader

We’ve all seen the begrudging mutual respect that Boba Fett and Vader have for each other when they worked together briefly in Empire Strikes Back. It’s a working relationship, but that seems like that best you can hope for with the Sith Lord. But the comics show that they’ve worked together before, possibly making Boba Fett one of Darth Vader’s go-to contractors. For one, Boba Fett was sent out to capture the person who destroyed the Death Star for questioning, and while Luke Luke’d his way out of danger at the last moment, the bounty-hunter was able to ensure the job wasn’t a total wash by providing a name and letting Vader know for the first time exactly who he was dealing with.



Mandalorian Comeback

Boba Fett’s triumphant return this season in The Mandalorian was everything we had been hoping for and more. Immediately hitting the scene with an unparalleled amount of badassery that made even the most staunch Fett un-enthusiasts genuinely excited, and that’s the highest metric of baddass I think I could give him. The Mandalorian showed us a version of the character that his biggest fans have seen forever and turned us all into little kids again for just a few minutes.

What is your favorite Boba Fett moment? Have you always known he was cool, or was Boba Fett that guy who fell into the Sarlacc until 2020 proved you wrong? Have you seen the Life Day Special and if so are you okay? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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