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Warhammer 40K: New Be’lakor Rules Better Be Good – FTN

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Mar 15 2021

This model is the latest from the Daemon line to get a massive makeover. This begs the question – will we see new rules?

Hey folks,

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times – The game is better when we have strong bad guys that can handle the strong good guys.  We all know that Marines will always be the focus of the lore and they drive tons of sales on the model side. That’s cool with me.

That doesn’t mean there is some mandate to make them better rules-wise, of course though.  I think the game is much more enjoyable on some tangible level when the bad guys give as good as they can get.   Is this model going to be what sets off that powder keg?  I hope so.

We discuss the origins of Be’lakor model wise originally being from Warhammer Fantasy Battle and eventually making his way to 40k. It’s so cool that we can have these amazing Daemon models in both game sets.  I know I plan to magnetize the casualty on his base in order to give him the ability to pull double duty.

We got the fact about the first female Necron wrong last week.  Thanks a lot for keeping us honest, folks.  We make that correction in this episode.

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