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Warhammer 40K: Terminus Est Assault Force Preview

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Mar 17 2021

War Zone Charadon has some rules you can use to build a Terminus Est Assault Force!

In a preview from War Zone Charadon, Games Workshop is showcasing some of the new rules for Armies of Renown. These new themed armies are based on specific forces that are fighting in the sector but can be used outside of the War Zone, too. How these new Armies of Renown work is interesting. By purposefully limited the units you can take, you open up some other strategic options for the army as a whole. Let’s dive in a take a closer look at the Terminus Est Assault Force!

via Warhammer Community

“Typhus is quite fond of throwing legions of Poxwalkers and other plague-ridden horrors into a brutal headlong charge while his hand-picked squads of bubonic Astartes teleport into key positions and strike crucial enemy targets. If you like the sound of entire companies of Plague Marines launching a Terminator-style assault, this is the army for you.”

While it can be quite limited to not take any vehicles, the trade offs could be worth it. Not only do you get Outbreak Assault as deployment option, you also get access to a ton of new Relics, the Fester discipline of psychic powers, and also a new selection of stratagems, too!

Yep! Tie up the enemy with Poxwalkers and then shoot them all (Poxwalkers included) with your other units. It’s a brutally effective tactic and for 2 CP it could absolutely be worth doing to your opponents.

Now, what about that new psychic discipline? Well it’s got a pretty nasty power to help slow the enemy down and even stop them in their tracks:


Slow them down indeed! No Advancing. Only charging 6″ and no charge re-roll? Oof! That’s going to be one heck of a roadblock. And as a final preview for the Death Guard, how about a Power Fist or Plague Claw that will make a Titan worry?

A Strength x3 weapon with AP -3, 2 Damage and it’s ALSO a Plague Weapon? Yes indeed! I’m also not seeing anything on this profile about a -1 to hit either…Nasty stuff!

It’s going to be time to load-up on the Death Guard and rock out with a Terminus Est Assault Force! Are you prepared for the heralds of Nurgle to visit a tabletop near you?



It’s all Infantry, all the time. Creeping death indeed!

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