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Warhammer 40K: The Five Best Dead Primaris Marine Models

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Mar 09

Bring out your dead! It’s time to take a look at the Five Best Dead Primaris Space Marine Models!

Okay, technically these aren’t really dead Space Primaris Space Marine models as they are really just basing ornamentation. That said, they are part of some really cool looking models. Does that count? Eh, close enough for this list. As an extra bonus, they could also ALL be Space Marine Primaris Lieutenants – all it would take is a red stripe and boom…Anyhow, let’s dive in!

#5 – Fabius Bile

Taking 5th place on our list is Fabius Bile. Why #5? Well, it’s really not even Fabius himself with the dead Primaris Marine – it’s his helper. But they are in the same kit and we’re going to count that on another technicality. That said, it is kind of gruesome to see the actual geneseed getting ripped out. And this helper knew exactly where to look, too…you think he’s done that before?


#4 – Haarken Worldclaimer, Herald of the Apocalypse

He’s number 4 on our list because he’s at least a real character (sorry random helper dude). Plus this Primaris Marine has been impaled by some broken pipe! Brutal. On one hand, it’s a bitter end to a noble warrior of the Adeptus Astartes. On the other hand, it makes for a solid counterbalance for basing Haarken Worldclaimer on his base. It’s a give and take.


#3 –¬†Primaris Apothecary


What, you didn’t think it was going to be ALL chaos miniatures, did you? This one also shows off the geneseed getting removed from a Primaris Marine. What I don’t understand is why the Apothecary still has his foot on the chest of his victim patient. Wasn’t he like, your battle brother or something? Show a little respect Doc. Geez.

#2 –¬†Abaddon the Despoiler

It’s the man, the myth, the legend coming in at #2 on our list – Abaddon the Despoiler is in the house! You gotta appreciate the basing on this model for sure. There’s a lot of wrecked imperial stuff on it. The brazier, the wing, and of course the Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant who has met his demise at the hands of the Warmaster. At least Abaddon putting his foot on his chest makes sense being enemies and all. Take note Mr. Apothecary.

#1 – Be’lakor

COME ON! That’s AWESOME!!! And it’s probably the first time Be’lakor has been #1 in a while. Anyhow, this model looks nuts and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. However you build it – for AoS or 40k, you’re going to have a sweet model and a dead Primaris Marine as well. Suitable for basing or as an objective marker. But seriously, this model is both huge and impressively sculpted. Kudos to GW on this one.

Bonus: Toxicrene

It’s not a Primaris Marine, but it is a Terminator. And how often do we get to see a cool looking dead Terminator used as basing?! Pretty cool nonetheless.



Do you have a favorite “dead marine on a base” model? Let us know in the comments!

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