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Warhammer 40k: The Worry About Heavy Intercessors – FTN

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Mar 08

We kick off the show talking about Heavy Intercessors and their impact on the game. Like many of the Marine units, they are a big deal for certain Chapters.

Hey all,

If you play Imperial Fists of Ultramarines I can see you being pretty excited for these Heavy Intercessors.  They synch really well with those Chapter Traits.  These have been the missing piece in a few potential list builds and should end up being pretty powerful on the tabletop.

Another standout use is the Deathwatch.   With the Heavy Intercessors being a troop choice if you’re a player of one of these Chapters you should ask yourself ‘why not’ if you aren’t considering these.

Sadly the price point of Pariah Nexus will prevent them from being a ‘value buy’ from those looking to nab and split the box on the reseller sites.  You’ll end up paying close to retail to get these on your table early.  I’m sure a full separate release isn’t far behind but I know a lot of players enjoy these windows where they can pick up new models on the cheap sometimes.

Later in the show, we talk about how the new Necron Cryptek is referred to as she. I mean.. of course, there were female Necrontyr but I guess we never thought about it. The Necrons are becoming a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop and I think we’ve just scratched the surface on their lore.

We round out the show talking about things and games we could wish into existence.


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