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Warhammer: New Model Monday – Be’lakor Edition

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Mar 08

We knew Be’lakor was coming. But WOW – this was unexpected. Check out the first of the Daemon Princes in all his new glory!

The first Daemon Prince of Chaos is back with a brand new model and he’s looking HUGE!

via Warhammer Community

“He’s the Dark Master, the mysterious Shadowlord of Mordheim. He’s the first true servant of the Dark Gods and the original Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided. His fell deeds have shaped Mankind’s history and subjected the Mortal Realms to the cruelty of his dominion.

He is Be’lakor, and he’s back and bigger than ever! Behold the terrible majesty of the First Daemon Prince of Chaos.”

Yep! Look at that model – he’s MASSIVE and suitably epic for one such as himself. His wings have certainly gotten an upgrade and it looks like he’s been hitting the gym in general. I mean, compare is to his old model:


That’s QUITE the glow-up! But wait – there’s more…

Check out this “version” of Be’lakor – slightly different head and arm position. And what’s that on the base? Is that a Space Marine Primaris Lieutenant? Yep! If you want a 40k specific version, you can do that also with the new model. He’s truly impressive on all fronts.


New Model, New Book

“Quite what Be’lakor did to turn the Dark Gods’ favour into wrath is a secret known only to Be’lakor and his infernal masters, but the Daemon Prince has spent all of his eternal existence since his fall from grace trying to reclaim his former preeminence. Time is meaningless to such an ancient creature as Be’lakor, so he is more than willing to play the (super-)long game if it will see his past glory restored. What’s more, his latest masterplan is about to be played out in the next stage of the Broken Realms saga – check out the cover of the third book in the series.”


What a cover! Be’lakor is finally making some moves and it’s going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out for the Daemon Prince. He’s looking to shake things up and his master plan might *finally* get some traction. What could he possibly want to do besides tear down the structures that have held him back for so, so long? We’re going to have to find out later – for now, just enjoy that amazing new model!


What do you think of Be’lakor’s new model? It’s making me glad I have a chaos army I can use him in…Otherwise, I’d have to start one.

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