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Warhammer: Underworlds – The Seraphon Can Save The Realm

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Mar 12 2021

The Seraphon Warband is coming to Warhammer: Underworlds and they have a plan to stop chaos and save the realm!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the story and lore of Warhammer Underworlds you’ve been missing out on an epic, secret war that’s been going on. There’s lots of ground to cover and we’re not going to get into it all – but what you need to know is that all the “seasons” of Warhammer Underworlds are actually linked and they have been building up that story over time. The forces of Death, Order, Chaos and Destruction have been mucking about behind the scenes and things have gotten messy.

At the current point in the storyline, the living mountain that is Beastgrave is being corrupted by the powers of Chaos. If this continues it will eventually “awaken” into a demigod that could smash it’s way across the Mortal Realm of Ghur. And it probably won’t stop there. That would be bad. Obviously, this is just the very high level view of what’s been going on but it’s enough to get up to speed.

Here is where the Seraphon come in. They have a plan and a device to hopefully stop Beastgrave from turning into “the mountain that eats” – if they can pull it off.

via Warhammer Community

“The Starblood Stalkers also bring with them an artefact that will compel the mountain to consume itself in self-destructive madness – if they place it in the correct position. 

Of course, to plant their device, they need to fight past the other warbands that have made their way to the mountain – from Myari’s Purifiers and the Dread Pageant to Morgok’s Krushas and beyond. Only by sticking to the Great Plan can the Starblood Stalkers hope to succeed. “


I have a funny feeling that’s not a Thermal Denotator that the Skink Priest Kixi-Taka is holding. 

While we don’t know exactly what the magic device is or how it works, we at least know what it can do – “compel the mountain to consume itself” which sounds sort of Lovecraftian. Personally, I’m wondering how the influence of the Death magic that was released on Beastgrave will react with this compulsion to self-destruction. After all, part of the reason these warbands keep fighting is because they are basically trapped in an unending “respawn” state.

Again, glossing over some of the details here, but it’s the lore reason you can keep playing these games of Warhammer Underworlds. And that’s not even the point – the fact is the Seraphon have a way (they think) to prevent Beastgrave from awakening and that could be a really cool way to end the story…or it could go horribly wrong.

Whatever happens, the Seraphon have a way to save the realm from the Beastgrave. The end of this chapter of the saga that is Warhammer Underworlds is coming…eventually, we still have a few more warbands to go! Probably just in time for NEXT season to kick off.



Maybe the Order Warbands should open some doors, clear the floors, and everyone help the Dinosaurs.

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