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Age of Sigmar: Grimwrath and Doomseeker Updates

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Apr 25

The angry dwarves get a little angrier in the new Broken Realms book.

Many things changed when Be’Lakor hefted his shadowy arse into battle, both for the narrative and the tabletop. New battalions, new warscrolls, and even a few updated subfactions mean the Be’lakor book is an absolute must-have for the discerning general. As a huge proponent of the Fyreslayers, specifically my boy the Grimwrath Berserker, I was happy to see two of the angriest of the angry gents get a big update in the book. Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes to the Grimwrath and Doomseeker and why you should definitely bring them in your Fyreslayer army (if you didn’t already).


The old Slayer mentality split down the middle with the introduction of the Fyreslayers, each half manifesting in a different warrior. The battlemad rage and prowess went to the Grimwrath, but the desire to die a glorious death against an insurmountable foe is firmly the purview of the Doomseeker. With his update, not only did his throwing axes got a huge buff, but his pike got a bit stronger, and he picked up the Grimwrath’s ability to fight after he is slain, albeit only against his chosen foe. This means that you can feel a little safer getting him stuck in to suffer a little damage and buff his attacks since he’ll get to dish out more hate even if he goes down.


When Fyreslayers got their redo a couple of years ago, the model that drew me to them immediately was the Greataxe-wielding Grimwrath. When I saw it was getting an update in the new book, I was hesitant, worried that they might nerf it into the concrete and make my favorite model unplayable. Well, I am happy to report my fears were in error, and the Grimwrath has gotten a huge upgrade and feels more like it does in the lore. In addition to the same updated throwing axes as the Doomseeker, the Grimwrath can now select from a series of Oaths, giving it special abilities to use in combat. These are things like running and charging, ignoring wounds, or improving his hits while he’s close to an allied unit. Regardless of what you take, this model is going to be a huge thorn in your opponent’s side.

Will you be bringing either of these gents along with you?


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