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Blood Bowl: Death Zone Rules And Previews

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Apr 08

Blood Bowl is getting a new supplement that every coach is going to want to get their hands on. Check out what’s coming with a preview of Death Zone!

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is up for Pre-order this weekend and it’s packed full of stuff all coaches can use in their games. From new ways to play, to new sideline characters, to expanded rules for all sorts of things – it’s a BIG update to Blood Bowl. Let’s take a look at some of the things heading to the pitch!

via Warhammer Community

“This book is packed with new Inducements for all teams. Stock your sidelines with a variety of colourful characters like wizards, coaching staff, or even referees.”

And that’s just the tip if the iceberg! Check out some of the wackiness the Night Goblin Shaman can bring to the table:

“Costing a cool 150,000 gold pieces, and available to any team with the Badlands Brawl or Underworld Challenge special rules, these Goblin wizards can cast one of two powerful spells once during the game. Use the Foot of Gork (or Mork) to punt or stomp an opposing player, or stupefy the most significant threat before a big play with some toxic mushrooms. “


Either of these two spells could really hinder your opponent. The Shaman is pricy but if he allows you to score on a drive or shut down the opposing teams star player for a drive, it might be worth it!

Team Mascots

Wizards aren’t the only sideline characters joining the fray. What’s a team without a Mascot? So why not create your own:

So not only do you get a fun hobby project, you can also pick-up a re-roll if you’re lucky. Not too shabby! On the flip size, you can also Induce Giants to your team. I’m not sure what they would do on the pitch – or to the stadium for that matter…

Anyhow, there’s plenty more benefits and charts. For example, check out one of the Sponsorships you can earn:

“If you’re looking to get an edge in league play, you’ll want to court sponsorships from the best brands in the sport. Sign up with McMurty’s Burger Emporium, and your players will enjoy free food while the sponsorship lasts – for better or worse.”


Is the free food (and re-roll) worth the lack of MA or AG upgrades? For some teams, that might not matter too much. For others, that could be pretty bad.

Now, what about home field advantages? How about a stadium of your own:

“Take up a residency deal with the owners of a stadium. Not only do you get a boost to your Fan Factor when you play at home, but the crowd MIGHT not beat up your players when they get pushed into the stands!”

It helps if you’re winning, have fans, and some sponsors to entice the owners to allow your team to stick around. Having a home field with fans you can count on could be a nice boost for your team.

The last preview we get a look at is one for the Warpstone Brazier Ball – this is just one of the many special balls used by teams. It’s got a pretty diverse set of effects…I’m just surprised it’s not flagged for being a possible performance enhancing drug.

Yeah those random mutations are just that – random. I don’t know if I’d want to toss the old ball around when the side effects include possible spontaneous combustion.

There are lots more charts, too.


“Alongside Weather tables encompassing the many hostile environments that host Blood Bowl games, and random Match Events to add further chaos, there’s also a whole new way to play.”

Plus, if you’re looking for faster games, there are also rules for playing Sevens which is a shorter form of Blood Bowl. You can read up about it here.

Death Zone going to be up for pre-order this weekend – coaches get ready for a whole new ball game!


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