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D&D: Dark Alliance’s Loot System Is Full Of Resistances, Stats, And More

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Apr 30

If there’s one thing a D&D game has to get right, it’s finding loot–and Dark Alliance’s loot system is full of capes, helmets and more.

Treasure is one of the most important parts of Dungeons & Dragons. From gold pieces to art objects to jewels and of course, magic items, weapons, and armor–a big part of the fun is in looting valuable wealth from the horrible monsters that are guarding it. And today Tuque Games have given us all a glimpse of what loot is like in the upcoming D&D brawler ‘Dark Alliance’ with a look at some of the magic helmets and capes you can loot when the game comes out in June.

Take a look!

First up, magic helmets–and right away we get a glimpse of what kind of looter this is gonna be. Each item has armor (presumably weapons have damage instead), a level, and a rank, and along with it there’s a suite of stats like +damage or different energy resistances, and as you can see Dark Alliance is going the item set route, which unlocks more powers when you collect more and more of the pieces.

Also here are the familiar orange and purple colors to indicate Legendary or Epic items (presumably the scale goes white->green->blue->purple->orange as most other looters do), and in the other item preview you can get a look at what all slots you’ll have:

It looks like:

  • Helm
  • Bracers
  • Chestguard
  • Leg Guards
  • Necklace
  • Ring

And then two character-specific slots, which in this case hold Drizzt’s pwiwafwi and scimitars, but presumably for folks like Wulfgar it’d be his hammer and like a braid or something, for Cattie Brie, quiver and bow, and for Bruenor Battlehammer, probably his hammer and like a cask of ale, because he’s a dwarf.


At any rate, this is all familiar stuff if you’ve played a shooter or a diablo-alike in the last decade or so, but it’s set to build off of the bones we’re all familiar with.

Happy Adventuring!

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