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D&D Monster Spotlight: The Cutest Monsters In The Manual

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Apr 05

While the manuals are full of ugly and mean looking monsters, there are also cute, kind, and downright huggable creatures.


Flumphs are basically anti gravity jellyfish with little interest in fighting, and no skill for it at all. In fact, they are usually creatures associated with “good” third of the alignment chart who appreciate knowledge, philosophy, and kindness. Their go-to attacks include “run away” and “shoot sticky foul smelling goo at the problem and hope it runs away,” and to top it off they look like creatures that a weird toy company would make over the top plush dolls of. Hug your local flumph.


These little guys fit into that category of D&D monster best described as, “is this a monster or is it just a regular animal in this magical world?” They’re unaligned garden variety wild animals who live in the Feywild. They’re easy to tame and make pets of, faithful and smart companions (and good for cute tricks!), and they look like bunnies with unicorn horns. You really can’t get cuter than Almiraj.


Pixies can be a little tricky depending on the lore you’re looking at, but fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Pixies are good leaning albeit mischievous creatures who leave a shower of sparkling dust in their wake when they fly. A 5E Pixie’s variety of mischief includes mostly harmless and juvenile pranks like tying an adventurer’s shoes together or the illusion of fake treasure, but victims who meet their pranks with good humor may find Pixies to be friendly and even helpful. Less good natured adventurer’s will likely be left alone by the Pixies as they don’t tend to enjoy or engage in combat with enemies.

Flail Snail

Flail Snails are another one of those creatures that just may be normal animals for the magical realms of D&D. In fact, they would likely go completely unnoticed by everyone aside from magical malacologists and weird little kids if the Flail Snail didn’t have a very pretty shell that’s commonly used in the production of protective and magical items. The one thing that may stop the Flail Snail from being “cute” in the most usual sense is their large size, but their big snails with very few hit points who mostly slime around eating any rocks or sand in their path with a rainbow shell and I was one of those weird kids who thought snails were very neat, the Flail Snail is cute.


Faerie Dragon

Small Dragons will always have a special place in my heart; they meet that desire between wanting a cute shoulder riding sized familiar and thinking that dragons are very cool. Faerie Dragons, like Pixies, are usually good aligned tricksters with an affinity for “treasure” in the way of sweets and baubles. Sure, they may bite or use their Euphoria breath weapon, but if with enough treats and attention it likely won’t bite you, and that’s the important part. Are Faerie Dragons basically scaly cats? Yes. Is that why we love them? Absolutely.

What’s your favorite cute D&D monster? Are there any that aren’t cute in the most usual sense that you think are adorable anyway? Which D&D creature would you have as a plushie? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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