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Feeling Nostalgic For Spycraft? The Spy Game Blends Espionage And D&D 5E

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Apr 07

The Spy Game brings superspy espionage action to the d20-fueled rules of 5th Edition D&D–a modern adaptation with more guns, new rules and cool shades.

The Spy Game is a standalone game that gives a modern new spin on the 5th Edition rules. Using the Open Gaming License it takes creative license with the 5E ruleset to bring to life a world of agencies and espionage.

Where being a spy is less about being undercover and more about car chases and explosions

It reminds me a lot of the frontier days of 3.x edition. When the OGL led to a number of interpretations and remakes of the 3rd Edition rules (and everything had a d20 version of itself). On that stage came two games, d20 Modern and Spycraft, which are the sort of spiritual forbears of this game. Spycraft was a very action-and-espionage oriented game that wanted you to be James Bond, Jason Bourne, and the agencies powering them all at once.

They carved new ground for the d20. And now, the Spy Game follows in those footsteps, establishing new character classes and carving out new rules for using firearms, employing gadgets (which are really magic, if you think about it), and running agency-wide intrigues. If you’re looking for a way to make 5E cinematic, or for a glimpse at one possible future with the new OGL/SRD, take a look at the Spy Game.

The Spy Game$48.40

The Fate of the World is in Your Hands!

Welcome, agents. Enter a world of international espionage and action in a modern setting. Delve into a world of spies, assassins, diabolical masterminds and suave secret agents.

The Spy Game is an action & espionage roleplaying game built using the 5th edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying game. Peer behind the curtain of society into the world of the agencies and take your place as a world class spy. Together with your crew of con-artists, specialists, infiltrators and hackers you will influence, subvert, and overcome any challenge.


Will you topple corrupt governments or protect the interests of the highest bidder? Will you take out the target before they achieve their aims, or capture them for intel? Will you counter worldwide threats, or become them yourselves? The Spy Game places your own intelligence agency on the world stage, where the promise of adventure waits for you!

  • Build your own incredible spy, from a rough wilderness explorer to a tuxedoed charmer, and everything in between.
  • Use a familiar roleplaying system to get right into the action.
  • Unleash a host of minions, villains, and evil genius NPCs.
  • Explore the world of The Spy Game and its agencies, engaged in every type of espionage across the globe.
  • Design complex plots and deadly encounters for challenging missions and full-throttle campaigns.

Happy Adventuring!

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