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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40k: Getting the Most From Your Dice

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Apr 27 2021

Goatboy here with more advice about getting ready for 40k events and games. This week is all about dice tips.

This seems like a no-brainer but with a few players already getting called out for dice issues I figured we should talk about it a bit.  Dice are the cornerstone of our game as they generate the random nature we need to create the action and satisfaction of our plastic models kicking butt on the tabletop.  This means making sure your dice, your rolling etiquette, and just being as honest with your rolls is how will make the game experience enjoyable and fair.

Maybe save these for home games…

Easy to Read

First, the biggest thing I see with Dice is players bringing out hard-to-read/decipher sets of dice.  Look I understand this weird marbled set of dice with pips barely a shift from your crazy combination is how you feel in touch with your army.  But if I can’t read what the heck you are throwing I will start to question shifts in amazing armor saves.  Having dice you can read and your opponent can read is very important to the game.  Heck, you could even say having dice that are easy to read on stream are also very important to the game.  If you question your own rolls and are trying to read them quickly as you throw them on the tabletop then you should relook at your dice and maybe set aside the weird artistic masterpieces you utilize as your math hammers of oblivion.

Just explain what’s what pre-game (and pull that scatter die).

What’s the 1, and 6?

Next, we all know symbol dice can be fun but make sure you show your opponent what number your symbol replaces.  I remember a game where a player was borrowing dice and as we went along he just would never roll a 1 on his saving throw.  Turns out the symbol was the one when we thought it was the 6.  There is nothing like a Custodes army that just can’t die am I right?  Doing this sort of thing in the beginning of the game is how you start the game contract with your opponent.  This simple little gesture can shift that game experience and something we all need to remember when coming to the tabletop with our personalized dice.

“Wounding on 3+”

Call Your Rolls

Another thing is make sure you are rolling with intent when you play.  We all like to randomly roll dice but when it is your turn make sure you are giving you intention of what you are doing.  This seems like an easy thing but waiting for your opponent to finish and then saying what you intend to save against is such a simple thing.  I know when playing for fun things can get a little sloppy but when we want to bring the competitive scene back we need to make sure we are giving intent as we throw math against the wall.

Dice Trays Help

I’ve started to bring a dice tray to throw my rolls in as it is a simple way to answer those questions of cocked dice, when a roll means something, and just being available to your opponent to view.  I don’t think we all need this – it is just something I plan on doing to make things easier for myself and my opponent.  Thankfully the mats we play on are much nicer to throw dice on than the old felt valleys of doom.


How I Roll

Currently, I have bought a brand new set of bright ass yellow dice that the numbers are actually numbers and not pips.  The size is smaller than my normal Casino dice obsession (thanks 4th and 5th editions push to get as average as you can on dice rolls) so it should make throwing damage out a heck of a lot easier – plus they are numerals so there are no weird pip questions and whatnot.

As the game starts ramping up there is going to be a lot more players watching streams and pouring over your decisions as you throw your dice. Having some forethought in how you utilize their math powers and how you interact on the table will do wonders to keep players from cheating or accidentally misrepresenting the rules as they play.  It also lets you have that story of how it was awesome your Sarge survived all that damage or Morty took 18 wounds and failed all his saves.

~What your tips for dice and rolling at the tabletop?

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