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GW Rumor Engine: Simon Says

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Apr 20

This new Rumor Engine is just begging you to press the buttons and play a game of Simon Says.

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a brand new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. If you remember the old toy with the 4 colored buttons that would play a pattern and you’d have to repeat the pattern then you know what I’m talking about. If not, don’t worry about it – just take a look at this Rumor Engine and take an guess at what it could be!

via Warhammer Community

“We took the Rumour Engine apart to give it a full service, but we had some parts left over when we put it back together. We hope it still works… “

My gut reaction when seeing this was to go with something from the T’au. It’s got that sort of a vibe to me with the smooth features and design.

There’s just one small problem…how many fingers do you see in the Rumor Engine? and how many fingers do the T’au have?


Hey, it could be some other T’au Auxiliary force! Maybe some humans who have signed on to the Greater Good for example. Aside from that, my next guess was Genestealer Cultists.

They have the correct number of fingers (well, certain generations do at least). Plus they have “Future Tech” that looks similar, right? What if this was some high tech blasting charge? That’s a thing the GSC uses and it’s a possibility for this bit, right?

Could it be something Imperial? Maybe. However, it doesn’t seem as boxy as something from the Imperium of Man. The fingers are too lithe to be a Space Marine. Hey, wait a minute…those fingers ARE lithe and thin. And those buttons look kind of like gemstones…

Could this be something for the Aeldari? That’s a possibility, too! Smooth tech, gemstone-like buttons, lithe fingers…I think we’re on to something here! Now if we only knew what the rest of the model was.

That’s where you come in! Let us know in the comments what you think this model is and play the guessing game with the rest of us – that’s part of the fun of the Rumor Engine!



Simon Says, “Red!”

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