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MTG: Get Gothy With Silverquill’s New Commander Deck

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Apr 09

Silverquill is the house that’s all about looking sharp and being sharper. Silverquill stands out with their new Commander Deck.

If you take Study Hard as a personal challenge, then Strixhaven’s Silverquill college might be for you. These are the coolest kids in school, and they aren’t afraid to look the part. Come and check out the cards and commanders of Silverquill Statement, a pre-constructed black/white Commander Deck for Strixhaven.

Their Commander is a Bird Warlock, which makes it even better than the typical Bird Wizard you might be used to playing. With flying and the ability to add some +1/+1 counters, you’ll be pumping up your damage in no time. Other legendaries include Felisa, Fang of Silverquill, a vampire wizard who’s good at adding counters as well as creating new Inkling tokens.

Other new legendaries include Nils, Discipline Enforcer, who makes for a great allying factor in a multiplayer format like Commander

And Fain, the Broker who gives you so many different options.


As you can see +1/+1 counters and Inkling tokens are at the heart of many cards, who change up what you can do with these tokens.

The other big theme of the deck is cards that interact with you and another opponent, allowing you to spread the wealth, so to speak.


And rounding out the deck you’ve got some quick removal and a new land.


With Silverquill Statement, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with–but if you can play your cards right, you’ll be the centerpiece of the game, and can perhaps manipulate your way to victory every time.

If not, there’s still plenty of additions for black and white to add to whatever else you might have going on. There’s still a few more of these coming out, so stay tuned and we’ll get to more of Strixhaven’s Commanders.

For now though, School’s Out

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