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Star Wars: Who The Kriff Are ‘The Bad Batch’?

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Apr 29

Clone Force 99 will be joining Disney+ for their next mission on May Fourth, so let’s prepare for their arrival with a refresher course on the Bad Batch.

The next chapter in the Star Wars Saga will join Disney+ next week when The Bad Batch gets its May the Fourth seventy-minute premier. But who are the Bad Batch? Let’s clear that up for you, trooper.


Clone Troop 99 or the Bad Batch are a group of experimentally enhanced or clones with “desirable mutations” that make them one of the most effective special ops teams in the entire Galaxy. They are named for Clone 99 who was also seen as being defective or damaged and acted as a janitor on Kamino despite his great wisdom and bravery. The Bad Batch boast a 100% success rate in missions as well as skills and abilities that other clones simply do not have, but they’re not without their quirks.



Hunter is the team leader, and true to his name, an adept tracker and hunter. In addition to his heightened sense, he can feel electromagnetic signals and is rarely wrong about the layout of enemy-controlled locations, even if the maps or intelligence are. His personality comes across as a little gruff or blunt, but at the end of the day, he’s a loyal friend and teammate with his own brand of humor. Hunter’s distinguishing features include a red bandana and his gray face tattoo.




Clone Trooper names can be generously described as “on the nose,” and it should be no surprise to learn that Crosshair is the sniper of the group. His enhanced vision assists in his sharpshooting, supposedly allowing him to hit a target from up to ten kilometers away. Crosshair is also something of a loner, usually coming across as sarcastic and icy with a strong preference to not work alongside “regular” clone troopers. He can be distinguished with the short gray hair and the target tattoo on his right eye.



The tank of the squad, Wrecker is a force of brute physical strength. Easily the largest and strongest of the Bad batch, he is just as likely to use a blaster, his faithful big knife, crush a droid with his bare hands, or just blow something up. Wrecker loves blowing things up. He’s loud, brash, opinionated, and probably the openly kindest member of Clone Force 99. You can tell Wrecker apart from other clones with his comparative size, being the tallest, strongest, and largest of the clones.



Tech takes care of the team’s…. you guessed it, their tech. His enhanced mental abilities give him proficiency with any computer systems, science, or technology they may encounter. His armor is heavily modified with a specialized visor that acts as a HUD as well as a computer embedded into the forearm of his armor to help with calculations, translations, recording, and anything else he may need. Tech is no pushover however and the ultimate multitasker, able to tackle complex calculations and problem solving while engaging in a physical or blaster fight with his brothers. He looks a little younger and leaner than most other clones and usually has googles and his modified armor to help distinguish him from the group.




Echo is the white sheep of the Bad Batch family, having been born with no enhancements or defective features whatsoever. Originally an ARC Trooper and member of the Domino Squad, Echo went missing in Clone Wars Season 3 and was assumed to have died in a devastating explosion. Instead he has been taken prisoner by the Separatists and eventually altered with a absolute bantha-load of cybernetics. After his rescue Hunter asked Echo to join Clone Force 99 family. He can be picked out from a clone crowd by his unusually pale complexion and cybernetic right arm.


You can get to know Clone Force 99 or The Bad Batch a little better on May 4th when the seventy-minute premier of their show airs on Disney+.

Will you be tuning in for The Bad Batch? Which clone trooper is your favorite or is picking just one too much like choosing between children? Which Bad Batch enhancement would you most like to have? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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