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The Paint Case 2.0 Has All the Right Features

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Apr 16

Ever want to store or carry your paints in something that could give others “hobby envy?” If so, you need to check out this case.

Now, I reached out to Frontier Wargaming about this because I lost my dedicated Hobby Space. I found myself painting at the kitchen table using this pizza box to store my paints and miniatures in progress. After every session, I would pack this pizza box back up, and store my brushes and extra paints elsewhere.

For a while, I found myself using this pizza box to store my paints. I wanted something a little nicer and that could hold more paints. Image from Must Contain Minis.

I saw a nicer option in The Paint Case 2.0. After reaching out to Frontier Wargaming and explaining my situation, they sent me a product for review. This is the base product with an added LED Lamp, extension for the lamp, and a magnetized miniature transport tray.

Check this thing out!!!

This case is a work of art, and they put my logo on it! Image from Must Contain Minis.

Now, Frontier Wargaming will put a logo or name on any side of the case that you want. I did not know that in my original review of the product. If you want the case for some quick advertising of your commission painting business or your media platform, be sure to ask them to engrave the back as well as the lid. That way, when you fold down the lid, you still have a built-in sign letting others know about your business while you are painting at your Friendly Local Gaming Store or in convention space.

So, what is on the inside? Let’s open it up…

The empty case. The lid on the top left box is ajar only because it is housing the power to the lamp and it got jostled during delivery. It closes just fine. Image from Must Contain Minis.

This box not only gives you a classy way to carry your paints, but it also opens up to give you a portable workstation too. The plastic part on the lid is a cutting board and it comes with 10 painting handles. How nice is that? For those who want a very in-depth review, check out my video below. For those who prefer to read, the story continues just scroll down a bit more.

The YouTube Review

If you prefer, you can also check out the review on YouTube.

Continuation of the Written Review

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you liked that video. For those who prefer text and pictures, well we have that on Bell of Lost Souls too. Let’s carry on. With the case opened, I started loading it up with the paints that I own.


I then loaded the paint case with all of the paints in my current mobile setup. Lots of room to spare. Image from Must Contain Minis.

With the portable set up out of the way, I carried on with what was left in my HobbyZone setup. It fit all of that paint with room to spare.

So I then emptied this rack of paint into the case. There is still room to spare, but I am almost out of paints in my collection. Image from Must Contain Minis.

I added in a few more bottles. When I was done, the case looked like this…

That’s my Paint Case 2.0 by Frontier Wargaming loaded up and ready to go. Makes for a really nice portable paint station for around the house, or for when you go out somewhere else to paint. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Now, I will come out and say that this case is on the pricier side of things. That said, it is a beautiful luxury item that looks really nice and holds a lot of paint. The LED lamp works well and it is very functional. If you are in the market for a paint case that doubles as a portable paint station, be sure to check this case out.

Wrapping it up…

If you are after a beautiful case that carries your paints around in style, this might be the right case for you. It doubles as a paint station and is extremely functional. It actually holds a lot of paint too. My opinion is that this case is best targeted towards a person who doesn’t have a dedicated painting space (it is perfect if you have to pack up your hobby space each time you use it) and for those who paint on the go.

For actual numbers of how many paints it holds, and for a more in-depth version of this article, check out my longer review on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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