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This Week’s Warhammer Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Titans, Blood Bowl & Underworlds

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Apr 05

The biggest titan of them all is here, alongside new Blood Bowl teams & Underworlds warbands.  Get ready for Games Workshop’s latest minis & games!

This week we hit three Specialist Games with all kinds of googides. The enormous Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan leads the charge!

All these items are up for pre-order April 10. Street date is April 17.

White Dwarf 463 $9

Adeptus Titanicus

Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan $160

Precept Maniple Battleforce $185

Loyalist Legios $50

Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook $35

Warhammer Underworlds

WH Underworlds Starter Set $60

The Crimson Court $40

WH Underworlds Essential Cards $18

WH Underworlds Grand Alliance Death Dice $30

Blood Bowl

BB Death Zone $35

BB Imperial Nobility Card Pack $27

BB Spike! Journal #12 $15

BB Sevens Pitch $47

BB Imperial Nobility Team $40

BB Black Ork Team $40

BB Imperial Nobility Card Pack $27

BB Black Ork Team Card Pack $27

BB Imperial Nobility Dice $15

BB Black Ork Team Dice $15

BB Elf & Dwarf Biased Referees $18

BB Griff Oberwald $18

BB Varag Ghoul-Chewer $18


~So, who’s picking up the BIG guy?

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