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Warcry: Free Four Player Campaign Takes You Into The Heart Of The Cursed City

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Apr 01

Looking to take your Warband on their next big adventure? Check out the new, free four player campaign set in the Cursed City!

Games Workshop has released a free campaign for Warcry and it pits you against other warbands AND the terrors of the Cursed City. Will you be able to move fast enough to claim the treasure or will you get bogged down against the terrors of the night?

via Warhammer Community

Download A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn

“‘A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn’ is a campaign for four players. In it, players are free to choose any faction for their warband of would-be treasure seekers. Each group is roaming the Cursed City to find the ruined Ven Silveren estate before their rivals and take the riches that are rumoured to lie in the household’s crypts for themselves.”

The Campaign itself is comprised of four battles total – with the last one being a brawl-for-it all style four-way fight. It’s a Triumph & Treachery battle and you’ll have to duke it out for the treasures from the Ven Silveren estate. With only 4 games total, it’s a pretty quick campaign and it’s great to get you started or get you back in to playing with a group. You can finish it over a few nights or in a weekend.

One of the new and exciting mechanics from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is the introduction of the Day/Night cycle. Well, GW wanted this campaign to have a similar feel and has introduced a similar mechanic.

“During this campaign, a D3 is rolled at the start of each battle to determine how many battle rounds of daylight remain. After that, night falls and undead creatures begin to rise out of the ground, attacking any warband that strays too close.”


It’s kind of fitting to have the undead rise up and cause some stink in your games considering they are set in the Cursed City. This campaign is perfect for anyone looking to dabble in Warcry and Warhammer Quest. Pick-up a box of the new game and you’ll have all the miniatures you’ll need to fight in this campaign. Personally, I’ll take any reason to use these models in multiple games and game systems.

They even have rules for each of the minor enemies!

Again, it’s completely free to download and you don’t even *need* the Cursed City box to play. As long as you have some appropriate miniatures (or just any miniatures) for the undead citizens of Ulfenkarn then you’re good to go.


The dead don’t rest at night in the Cursed City.


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