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Warhammer 40k: Book of Rust is a Must Have – FTN

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Apr 05

If you play the factions in the Book of Rust you know you want it. For others, what you’ll find is a book with a lot of cool lore, campaign ideas, and awesome art.

Hey all,

I play two of the factions represented in the Book of Rust and I couldn’t be more pleased.  With the Adeptus Mechanicus, we see some pretty nice upgrades to struggling units and army types.

For the Death Guard, we see a way of playing that doesn’t (and also prohibited from if that matters) center around Mortarion.   I love playing with the giant figures but they aren’t for everyone. Some folks don’t prefer using them and some people prefer not to play against them.  Either way – the rules presented for Death Guard here are pretty novel and allow for a style of play that harks back to when the idea of a Chaos Legion came about as a powerful concept all the way back in 3rd edition. (3.5)

The same idea holds true with the Admech.  The concepts here give what I consider the minimum amount of rules buffing to add a WHOLE new playable list type back to the faction.  I like playing with the Robots and happen to have a fair amount painted so my eyes list up when I got a chance to look at the rules.  The rules are good, but not too good.  Why does this matter?  I think people will be pleased and not feel like they were a victim or benefactor of codex creep.  It feels weird to even type this!

We kick off the talk about a potential overpowered thing with the Druhkari being able to stack multiple on top of multiple for attacks from a single character model.  Wow.. this could be big but I honestly don’t read it the way that some people are reading it that benefit from certain interpretations.  With that said – I do see where they are coming from so I’d put this point on FAQ Watch.

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