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Warhammer 40K Next Week: Be’lakor Is Back’lakor

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Apr 11

Be’lakor is back in a big way, and he’s ready to kick down Archaon’s door and simultaneously terrorize the 41st Millennium.

When it comes to daemon princes, Be’lakor is about as bad as it gets. He’s the 1st of them, and used to be favored of the Chaos Gods before they decided to invest in Archaon and/or Abaddon. And, for my money, one of those was a sound investment. The other one failed to carry out 13 different black crusades, and had to be retconned into a sort of “victory” and is more of a meme than a threat.

Enough daddy issues to fuel all of DC’s comics line.

Guess you lose out on a little bit of perspective after more than forty thousand years. But hey the sunk cost fallacy is real, even for immortal chaos gods. In any case, take a look at the brand new Be’Lakor:

Be’lakor comes with options for mounting him in either the fantasy-hewn worlds of the Age of Sigmar, or, you can find him applying his deadly warpflame to friends from the 40K world as well:

Accompanying Be’Lakor is a big new Broken Realms book that details the next big fallout for the Mortal Realms. Check it out:

This book, the next narrative supplement in the ongoing Warhammer Age of Sigmar saga, will be available as both a regular hardback and a deluxe Limited Edition release, featuring gilt page edges, exclusive cover artwork, and more.


Alongside Be’lakor himself, two new Heroes will be taking part in the tumultuous events of the book, and their models are ready to take a place within your armies. Gardus Steel Soul leads the Hallowed Knights like a shining beacon of hope in the defence of Order, while the Krulghast Cruciator brings the most horrific implements of torture Nagash can concoct to bear upon the enemies of Death.

The two new characters will add a lot of might to your respective armies, but if two new characters aren’t enough, there’s more reinforcements coming in the form of four warscroll battalion boxes:

Atra’zan the Immolator and a horde of pyromaniac Horrors.

The Celestial Stampede led by Starwarden Iq-to.


Lady Olynder and the Sorrowmourn Choir.

And finally the Aether-runners of Drongon Humboldsson.

This week also sees the release of new volkite weapons for Adeptus Titannicus. You’ll get Eradicators and Destructors ready to equip your Warlords, Reavers, and Warlords which will let you blast your enemies with powerful heat rays.

All this, next week!

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