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Warhammer 40K: Not All Beast Snaggas Ride Squigs – New Ork Model Reveal

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Apr 19

We had a feeling the Beast Snaggas would get more than just a bunch of Squig riders. New Ork Boyz are on the way!

The Beast Snaggas are an opportunity for Games Workshop to update and add quite a bit to the Ork line of miniatures. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to have new style Orks with different motifs and themes. We’ve already seen the teaser animation and some of the new Squig Riders and now we’re getting a look at a new Ork Boy from the range.

via Warhammer Community

“The Beast Snaggas might be well known for riding into battle on the backs of various squig species, but some delight in bringing their targets down on their own two feet. Banding together into large mobs of Beast Snagga Boyz, these ferocious fighters can often be found crashing into the monsters brought down by their stikka-lobbing comrades and hacking their tough hides to pieces.”

This is a new Beast Snagga Ork Boy – one of many we’re sure. GW also says these Orks are particularly large and strong in comparison with regular Boyz. So that does beg the question “are these Beast Snagga Orks ‘primaris’d version of Ork Boyz as well?” It’s quite possible they will be slightly larger than your older Orks – at least the Boyz might be.

Pretty sure the base for that Beast Snagga is at least a 32mm base now…

In any case, this new Beast Snagga Boy has that fun mix of beast/animal bits right along side some of the more Orky and jagged armor pieces. It’s a great nod to their origins of fighting big beasties and still using some of the classic Orky ingenuity to make weapons.


From the cave painting we knew that we’d probably get at least a few more Beast Snaggas – so far that’s one more boy…What else is left?

Pretty sure this is just the vanguard of the Beast Snaggas with plenty more to come!



What do you think of the new Beast Snagga Boy? Anyone else wondering how many more sculpts we’ll get for them?

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