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Warhammer 40K: Primaris Lieutenant – The Movie

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Apr 01

Oh boy. *checks date* …Oh that makes sense. Check out a new teaser for another Games Workshop animated movie. Or just a fun April Fools story.

Alright. It’s April Fools today which means GW is having some fun. They are “previewing” a new animated short called “Primaris Lieutenant: The Movie” and I’m pretty sure we should take this one *too* seriously.


via Warhammer Community

“From visionary director Alf Arius (The Serpent’s Kiss) and featuring an all-star cast of cinema giants, Primaris Lieutenant: The Movie tells the story of one Space Marine’s struggle to become the hero that he knew he could be. Beset on all sides by xenos, mutants, and heretics, the Lieutenant must tackle the galaxy’s greatest threats if he hopes to avoid adorning the base of yet another Chaos Lord.”

Lieutenants do tend to end up on the bases of their enemies. That’s just a fact. On the flip side, I’d like to file this animated short under “Things that are a joke but we kind of wish would actually happen.” Who knows, maybe next year on April 1, 2022 GW might actually release a short film about just this thing. That wouldn’t be the worst thing ever! Even if it is a bit tongue-in-cheek.  I’d watch it.

At worst, this is just a fun little trailer and it’s meant to be taken as a light hearted joke. At best, I’ll see you next year at the premier of Primaris Lieutenant: The Movie! In any case, this is still a good joke at the good ol’Primaris Lieutenants and we can get behind that.


Just how many Lieutenants are out there?


And this isn’t all of them…

At least 9 models, and even more if you count the new models that have been painted up to be a Lieutenant. And more STILL if you count the dead LTs on bases. What’ GW’s fascination with Primaris Lieutenants? We don’t know – but we get the joke!


This is probably a joke – but at least the art looks cool.


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