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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – A City In Crisis

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Apr 01

There are different random events you’ll have to face in the Cursed City. These crises must be dealt with and could have dire consequences for your band of adventurers.

Games Workshop has shown off a bit of a teaser at some of the Crisis Events that are happening in the Cursed City. We’ve got a handful to look at (and one that is quite possibly an joke waiting to happen).

via Warhammer Community

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – A City In Crisis

This one seems pretty straight forward. Will you intervene to spare the so-called Traitor or will you let the mob take justice into their own hands? Also, if the people in charge of the city aren’t exactly on the up-and-up, when is it okay to be a traitor to them? Hmm…


Another grey area here. Why would a Stormcast Eternal be ready to strike down a simple street vendor? Stormcasts have a spotless record when dispensing justice in the name of Sigmar, right? Oh they might not? Well that is a dilemma. Then again, why would a Sigmarite be HERE anyhow? And where did the vendor get those “sweetmeats” anyhow? How WILL this one play out?


Yeah…I don’t know about this one. I could be wrong but this text doesn’t seem to indicate anything. Also GW has this to say:

“While the text of this particular crisis doesn’t make it clear what foodstuff now litters the ground, we’re going to arbitrarily decide that it’s pre-peeled, hard-boiled eggs. So, brave adventurer, do you wipe off the muck, hold your nose, and hope for the best? After all, the five-second rule applies in Ulfenkarn too, right? Or do you abandon these begrimed eggs and risk having to face Radukar the Wolf’s minions on an empty stomach? That precious egg-energy could mean the difference between life and death in the Cursed City.”

So, considering it is April Fools, what are the odds this one is a spoof? Then again, we do go all the way up to at least 51 – so maybe it IS legit. Personally, I’d skip a quick meal in the Cursed City. I wouldn’t plan on “eating” anything we find there…

Well now we’ve got THREE options for this one. What’s the plan? Leave it, destroy it, or pillage it? I think pillaging it is probably what some of the adventurers would want to do while others would want to destroy it outright. Personally, I never trust a statue from the Underworlds of Shyish, but that’s just me. What would you do?


Warhammer Quest: Cursed City goes up for Pre-order this Saturday from Games Workshop. Are you ready to go explore the Ulfenkarn and free the city from the grip of it’s vampiric lords?


Decisions, decisions…

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