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Age of Sigmar: Cursed City Datasheets Return

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May 15 2021

There are some slight tweaks to the Cursed City units. Let’s take a quick look at the warscrolls from the new Soulblight Gravelord’s book.

We got our hands on the new Soulblight Gravelords Battletome and noticed some funky stuff with the Cursed City datasheets. Let’s dive right in – starting with points.

Cursed City Boxed Set Pitched Battle Points:



Notice the point value of 680. Now look at the updated version from the Gravelord’s book:

Formatting changes aside, that’s a 75 point increase for this hodgepodge of units and models. Call it a points adjustment or a tweak, it doesn’t matter – the same models are now more expensive.

Now let’s take a quick look at the data sheets.


Cursed City Vargskyr:

Soulblight Gravelords Vargskyr and Kosargi Nightguard:


Cursed City Kosargi Nightguard:


The big changes (beside the keyword tweaks) are that the Vargskyr lost their terrifying howl ability on their warscroll. The Kosargi basically just got a keyword shuffle.

For these two, Gorslav basically stayed the same with some tweaks to his keywords and Zombies changed to Summonable Deadwalkers. Torgillius on the other hand dropped a few things. His Mastery of Grave-sand replaces his old Grave-sand Phylactery ability for the better, but his Necrotising bolt got worse.


The Vyrkos Blood-Born lost a TON of abilities here. No more Bloodscent. No more Vampiric Agility on their Warscrolls. They are just worse off now. They did get 2″ faster on their move though. As for Watch Captain Halgrim, except for Keyword updates, he’s basically the same.


Radukar got a little side shuffle. The Hunger is better now so that’s a plus. Supernatural Strength is basically the same, too. He lost the Grave-sand Phylactery completely and Deathly Invocation is gone too (but that’s kinda of an army ability so meh). And of course there are the keyword tweaks. Overall, not *that* big of a change.


That said, it was a lot of minor tweaks. Was it worth the point increase? Debatable. The army rules to help out a lot of these units so we’ll see. Now if we could just find more copies of Cursed City to actually RUN these models on the tabletop…


What do you think of these tweaks to the Warscrolls for these units?

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Author: Adam Harrison
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