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Age of Sigmar: ‘Kragnos’ Lore Bomb Dropped By Games Workshop

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May 25 2021

If you were wondering what is/was going to happen in the upcoming Broken Realms: Kragnos Games Workshop is spilling the beans.

Broken Realms: Kragnos hasn’t hit shelves yet but it appears that Games Workshop isn’t waiting for the final book in the series to land before giving us a recap of events. To be fair, it’s obvious that the timing of everything got shifted around due to, ya know, everything going on in the world (a pandemic, world-wide shipping issues, delays, Brexit, and whatever else you want to point the finger at). So while the timing isn’t quite perfect, we are getting a nice recap of the state of affairs in the Mortal Realms right before GW’s big announcement this Saturday.

But we’re here to talk about the lore drop from GW in Kragnos. So from here on out, SPOILERS.

If you want the full recap, you can read it all HERE. Now, let’s get down to Kragnos.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Rumor Engines for the past few days, we’ve been getting “Visions of Beasts” and today, GW teased the letters “THOND” which is likely a reference to Thonida in Ghur:

What does this have to do with Kragnos? Well, directly it’s just that this whole area is directly referenced by GW in the lore drop today.


“The surge of life magic freed Kragnos, the god of earthquakes, from a prison the Seraphon built for him in ancient times. The presence of a living god of Destruction could not be ignored, and the forces of Order rallied together in Excelsis to end his rampage. “

Excelsis is right there in Thondia and it’s a big Stormcast city/fort. It’s also (apparently) under some stress due to Skaven and Slaanshi cults. Keep a look out for them in the up coming book as well. Anyhow, they aren’t the only players in the fight apparently:

“Kragnos rallied the Moonclan Grots under Skragrott and orruks of the mighty warboss Gordrakk. After being suitably impressed with his might, even the towering Sons of Behemat agreed to march with the Earthquake God. “

If you’re keeping track, that’s Grots, Orruks, and Gargants under the banner of Kragnos. And they are there to lay siege to Excelsis for the time being. But they won’t have an easy go of it as an alliance has formed to take the fight to this vast army of Destruction.

“A vast army of Destruction rolled up to lay siege to Excelsis. It took the combined might of Lord Kroak, Morathi-Khaine, and Gardus Steel Soul’s Stormcast Eternals to finally draw Kragnos away from the city, but the victory was only temporary. “


Lord Kroak has some long standing beef with Kragnos so it’s not surprising he also showed up to help fight him. But it does seem odd that Morath-Khaine has shown up to help defend the city. Could it have something to do with the presence to Slaanshi Cults? With Morathi, nothing is as it appears so what’s her ulterior motive.

We’ll have to wait until we get the book in hand to find out and in the meantime we’ll be tuning in Saturday for more reveals from Games Workshop!


Kragnos is ready to end some empires.

Author: Adam Harrison
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