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Age of Sigmar: New Edition Hints & Teasers From ‘Dominion’ Reveals

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May 29 2021
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The Launch box wasn’t the only reveal. Check out the rest of the reveals here!

First up, we got a message from Sigmar himself. Sort of. It’s about 8 great things from the new edition and we’re excited – check this out:



8 New Things

“Cleaner, clearer, and more elegant than ever before”

“More Command Points and More Abilities”

And new Heroic Actions


New Monstrous things in the charge phase:

Stomping, Roaring, Smashing – Monster stuff.

More Command Points if you go second…

New Reactive Command abilities in every phase to interrupt your opponent


Predatory Endless Spells now move in EVERY hero phase. Double the Magic!

New Core Battalions. “Simple, flexible and cool new abilities to use.”

New Path to Glory rules with more narrative campaign goodies.

Overall, these sound like some positive changes. We’ll have to see how they play out. I’m particularly interested in the whole Reactive abilities and the Command Point rework.

More Stormcast Eternals

It wouldn’t be a new Edition with out even more Stormcast Enternals, right?



But they aren’t the only ones…

More Kruleboyz


Other Rules bits:

  • Game table sizes are designed to be the same as 40k. So Warcry board sizes that scale up.
  • June Release Date
  • No pricing details (but similar to Indomitus… probably. Same ballpark.)
  • No specifics on the rules (but battletomes for the armies have to show up, right? *wink* )


Who’s excited for a new edition? So far, so good!


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Age of Sigmar: The Heroes of Kragnos Rules Reveal