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Age of Sigmar: Oh Lawd, He Comin’! Kragnos and Why He’s Brutal

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May 26 2021

Let’s talk Age of Sigmar’s Kragnos. You don’t get the name God of Earthquakes lightly.

This weekend, a slew of brand new stuff for the last installment of Broken Realms, Kragnos, will go up for preorder. Among them is the eponymous centauroid himself, and he is going to bring a lot of thunder to your games. The long awaited “big guy” of the Destruction faction absolutely does not disappoint, and he’s going to be a massive (albeit probably expensive) threat to all the enemies of Destruction.

Kragnos is almost a faction onto himself, and his suite of devastating attacks and abilities makes him one of the most dangerous combat monsters to date, even more deadly than reigning champion Gotrek. He has 18 wounds and a 2+ save, so putting him down is going to take effort, but thankfully he’s allergic to mortal wounds, so he isn’t indestructible.


At no wounds, he has a 10″ move, so he’ll get wherever you want him on the table. He’s got a total of 15 attacks at full health, each hitting on a 3+ and wounding on a 2+, and he has a max potential damage of 45 from his weapons alone. His mace is by far his deadliest weapon, getting 6 attacks at every bracket with a Rend of -3 and a whopping 4 damage a pop, but he also has an army shattering charge ability.

When he charges, you can either choose to trample every enemy unit within 1″ or gore a single Monster within 1″. If he chooses to trample, all the units he targeted suffer d6 mortal wounds on a 2+, but if he targets a Monster, he rolls 2d6 and MULTIPLIES THE RESULTS to determine the mortal wounds he deals. That means he can dish out 36 mortal wounds to an enemy monster…and then 45 more with his weapons.

If you look close you can see a little pee.


There’s nobody in the Realms big enough to stay standing after a hit like that, so expect this angry giant goat to delete ANYTHING you point him at. And if his target happens to be from Dracothian’s line? Well he gets to reroll his charges to flatten them, such is his hatred for the godbeast that dared to bind him in the earth.

Combat isn’t the only place Kragnos excels, however, and he can call on his power over tremors to decimate enemy fortifications. Every time Krag suffers damage, you roll a dice and consult a table for each unit and defensible terrain feature within 6″. If you beat the roll, every unit suffers d3 mortal wounds and every defensible terrain piece is destroyed. Anything your enemy dares to hide inside could quickly become their tomb, as they have to immediately roll a d6 if there are inside the building, being slain on a 1. The survivors have to leave, so this is a great way to get pesky Seraphon out of a temple. He also adds 1 Bravery to all Destruction units within 12″ and can absorb spells with his shield.

If you ever feel like leaving a hoofprint in place of your opponent’s army, definitely consider this gent.

How do you think Kragnos compares to AoS’ other “Big Guys”?


Author: Clint Lienau
  • Age of Sigmar: Kragnos, The End of Empires Warscroll Reveal