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Age of Sigmar: Soulblight Gravelords – Rules Previews

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May 10 2021

Five Bloodlines, special rules, unique abilities – get ready for even more Vampire goodies coming to a tabletop near you!

Games Workshop is showcasing some of the new rules for the upcoming Soulblight Gravelords. Today, we’re getting a bit about their new book and closer look at how things are going to work. Get ready for these vampires to get bloody!

via Warhammer Community

“When you’re an immortal being suffused with potent death magic, learning to summon the dead is an appropriate hobby to take up – especially if you want to grow your undead horde. Soulblight Gravelords earned their name by raising massive armies of the dead to fight alongside them. “

The Endless Legions ability allows you to bring back destroyed units with half the number of models back to the tabletop. You’ll get to do this after your battleshock tests and the roll is on a 5+. However, you get to add 1 to that roll for each enemy unit that was destroyed during that turn. Free units can be a great way to snag objectives or reinforce your lines.

Deathless Minions gives you a 6+ dice roll to ignore a wound or mortal wound when a unit is wholly within 12″ of hero. That’s going to make your units more resilient and stick around at the most inconvenient times (for your opponent).


Gravesites are also going to be a thing again. Pick two spots on the battlefield and those become Gravesites which will be the locus for your some of your abilities as well.

When those vampires cast a spell, if they roll a 9+, they get to resolve the effects of that spell a second time! It pays to study necromancy when you’re already dead, apparently.

The Bloodlines

Games Workshop also wrote up a quick note about each of the Bloodlines.

Legion of Night

” The Legion of Night prefer to use hordes of the undead to slow the enemy down and act as bait, while powerful vampires sweep in to claim glory once they sense an easy kill. “


Legion of Blood

“When they do sally forth from their stronghold in Nulahmia, the Deathrattle legions march in lockstep, in a menacing display of Neferata’s ironclad will. Add the fact that the Legion of Blood can take Black Knights as battleline units, and you have a reliable core of skeletal warriors around which to build your army.”

Kastelai Dynasty

“The Kastelai are the most warlike and martial-minded of the vampire dynasties. These vampires reside in the Crimson Keep, a magical castle that has a tendency to translocate from place to place. They have a strong preference for mounted warriors, all the better for catching up to the fortress when they get left behind. “

Avengorii Dynasty

“The Avengorii are gruesome horrors that have willingly abandoned the pretence of humanity. Making their homes in underground lairs in the Realm of Beasts, they seek out the largest, most worthy brutes in Ghur to feed on.”


Sidenote: They can take Terrorgheists and Zombie Dragons as battleline…just tossing that out there.

Vyrkos Dynasty

“Of their connection to totemic animal-spirits, chief among them is the aspect of the wolf. This connection manifests in the lupine features that can be found on their warriors and their ability to command packs of Dire Wolves. “

The Soulblight Gravelords are coming to pre-order this weekend!


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