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D&D: Pre-Order Tiamat’s Enormous ‘Mini’ While You Still Can

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May 19 2021

WizKids biggest mini yet, Tiamat, is up for pre-order and going fast. If you want to get this immense goddess, now’s your chance.

If you like five-headed dragons, and getting caught in their reign; if you’re not into Bahamut, and you have half a brain–then you’re probably Jimmy Buffett and have just gotten into D&D, in which case, welcome to Margaritaville, roll for initiative.

For the rest of us,  we can look forward to the arrival of WizKids biggest miniature yet, a massive model that gives terrifying new life to Tiamat, the five-headed chromatic dragon god, currently trapped in Avernus.

But hey, you never know, things can change, and Tiamat is always plotting, ever scheming, ever dreaming of the day she can return to the Prime Material Plane and wreak havoc once more.

And with a miniature this gorgeous, you’d be hard pressed to deny her plots. Just look at her in all her magnificence.

The new miniature, though miniature seems too inferior a word is up for pre-order now with an expected September release.


Tiamat, whose five heads represent each one of the chromatic dragons: black, green, red, white, and blue (which incidentally makes Tiamat the most patriotic of evil dragon gods), is a hefty miniature. Coming in at 28.9 inches wide, 14.6 inches tall, and 16.8 inches long, supported by a 200mm clear round base, Tiamat is now the largest, officially licensed D&D “mini” though once again it feels weird to say mini about anything that’s bigger than a breadbox or small animal.

She’s depicted breaking free of her confinement and emerging from the portal in Avernus. WizKids reiterates that they want you to play with this behemoth on your table, so make sure your battlemat is at least as wide as Adam Driver’s shoulders.

Pre-Order Tiamat – $399.99

Tiamat the Dragon Queen is about to burst bodily from her confinement in the Nine Hells and enter the world!
At over 14 inches tall, and with a wingspan over 28 inches long, Tiamat is sure to be the centerpiece of your hoard of miniatures.


1 x Gargantuan Tiamat Miniature



  • This is a Pre-Order item and will not ship until the product release date.
  • If you include a Pre-Order item in your order, the whole order will be held until the pre-order is available.
  • You may have your non pre-order items shipped separately for an additional cost. Please select the shipping option with “(Multiple Shipments)” in the title at checkout to enable this option.

Happy Adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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