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D&D: Shape The Future Of Draconic Options

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May 01

The Draconic Options certainly sparked a lot of excitement about what the next D&D book might be–now’s your chance to shape them.

Now that folks have had a chance to sit with the new Draconic Options Unearthed Arcana for a while, and have gotten to play with reimagined dragonborn, reborn kobolds, dabbled in some draconic new spells and gotten a glimpse of some of the surprising new lore that WotC plans for dragons going forward, the time has come to tell the folks at Wizards of the Coast what you really think. That’s right, they’re once again running a big survey, this time looking for your feedback to help shape the future of these kinds of player race/lineage options in D&D. Let’s take a look.

via Wizards of the Coast

The Unearthed Arcana in question had a ton of options. As mentioned, there were reimagined Dragonborn, redone Kobolds, and new spells–as well as the usual fine tuning WotC has been doing of what a “race” will look like in D&D going forward. This is your chance to help guide the feedback, and the first part of the survey is focused on this particular part of the rules:

As a refresher, Dragonborn in general were reimagined to have the same +2/+1 or +1/+1/+1 that most post-Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything races have, and instead they gain more specific powers depending on what their draconic heritage is, allowing them to do elemental damage and either add resistance or status effects to breath weapon, depending on whether they’re chromatic or metallic.

And Kobolds were given a revamp, now instead of grovelling cowardly at every turn, they can roar to indicate either fear or other strong emotions and this roar gives them pack tactics, basically. It’s a slight reflavoring, but a welcome one for those who realize how cool Kobolds can be.


Whatever you think though, now’s the time to make your voice heard:

Take the Draconic Options Survey

Happy Adventuring!

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