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D&D: Tony DiTerlizzi Reveals The Sounds Of Planescape

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May 27 2021

Tony DiTerlizzi defined the look of Planescape, the worlds-spanning setting that changed D&D. Now, he’s revealed the sounds that inspired it.

Artist Tony DiTerlizzi defined an entire multiverse in the halcyon days of 1994, when Planescape made its way from an absolute dream of an art project to the realized and much beloved campaign setting that was astoundingly free from executive meddling, and as a result incredibly creative.

People love Planescape for the assumptions it challenges, for the risks it takes, and for the wonder it builds into the D&D cosmology. It redefined devils and demons coming off of the satanic panic, it reimagined the multiverse, and built a single city of Doors into which everything could come into contact. Angels and devils drank at bars, while a gaggle of opportunists, con artists, thieves, and adventurers tried to eke out a living in the most cosmopolitan city in the planes. And all of it comes down to the look created by Tony DiTerlizzi whom you might also recognize from the Spiderwick Chronicles.


Well DiTerlizzi recently revealed the sounds that inspired the setting:


That’s right, you can find a list of the tracks that brought about Sigil the City of Doors or the clockwork expanse of Mechanus and its many marching Modrons.

You can even get a look at the art that inspired the setting. Here you can see the faded tones and colors that define renewed takes on Kytons:


Or just let yourself be transported across the multiverse to the synthesized sounds of Vangelis. At any rate, this is twice now that DiTerlizzi and Planescape have swirled together on the internet and folks are h u n g r y for a Planescape revival, especially now that we’ve gotten a look at what WotC is willing to do with an old established setting like Ravenloft. Is Sigil in the near future? Perhaps, but either way, you can hear it up close and personal today.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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