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Games Workshop: New STC Brush Range Coming Soon

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May 6 2021

Games Workshop has revealed a new line of synthetic brushes. Let’s take a look at their distinct style.

Everyone knows Games Workshop for their outstanding models and games. But let’s not forget the innovative products they have produced for the Hobby side of things. Now, they are bringing a new line of Synthetic Brushes to the market with the STC Range.

via Warhammer Community

These brushes are more than just stark white – they have be redesigned with painters in mind.

“By using carefully designed, totally synthetic bristles, the Citadel Colour STC Range offers a different painting experience to the regular range of Citadel brushes. The synthetic fibres have a noticeable springiness with balanced stiffness and distinct snapback, making them excellent candidates for drybrushing and highlighting raised edges.”

One other thing of note is that the rounded tip brushes are also designed to hold their shape for even longer. Ideally, that should help you recreate the same effects when painting with them. As for the straight edged brushes, those have also been designed to prevent curling at the tip. That should help keep your lines nice and tight.

We don’t have a word on when these brushes will hit shelves but we’ll be keeping an eye out for them. I’m wondering how they will hold paint and if the bristles will “stain” overtime. I’m also curious if these are designed to be in addition to the current paint brush line from GW or if these will replace those brushes completely.  We’ll have to wait to find out the answers to these questions when these Brushes do finally arrive.



What’s your take on synthetic brushes? Are you looking forward to them?

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