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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: About Those New Ork Beast Snaggas

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May 17 2021

Goatboy here to talk about what GW’s upcoming Orks and what it means for a new Codex.

While I am known mostly as a Chaos player I do love Orks.  Heck, I have a rather big Ork army I originally painted green and then decided to paint some of them Red and Albino.  It was my go-to army for a while back in 6th days when a Necron/Ork combo force was a pain in the butt to deal with.  Ah those glorious days of Allies and the Matrix of broken dreams.

Enough of those old memories let’s look at what we saw with the release and maybe pull some thoughts out that might show up in this new book.  I am rather smitten with the idea of feral like Orks riding Grots and having not so elective surgery.  I think there could be a really interesting idea brewing with this army – especially since the chatter seems to point that it isn’t just a Snakebite party.

The one thing we haven’t seen nearly as much in 40k as I thought we would see is some kind of cool “charging” mechanic to do more damage.  Most of the time they range from either more bonus’s to attacks or strength if someone charges in.  This is ok as yes making your guys better when they get stuck in is neat – but I think we could do much better.  FW has a few things that charge in and splash out damage and I think it is high time we had an army that made charging matter beyond just rolling to hit.


I bet the new Orks will get some kind of charge in and throw out some Mortal wound option.  There are too many things that get mad, get mixed in, and then just get mired in the realm of not throwing out enough hits/damage.  Rolling to hit and wound can be such a hit or miss opportunity especially since we are pushing a game where a lot of these big things are losing the ability to get a reroll to hit.  So why not just throw out the Mortal wounds if they get mixed in?

I know we have some Stratagems that are out there that do this – but a single unit doing it is just not nearly as exciting.  I think in AoS they have the Juggernaut crush that throws out some Mortal wounds and I think it is high time this game into 40k.  Could you imagine if say the Outrider bikes from Space Marines got to do a Mortal wound on a charge?  Or how about all those crazy buggies from Orks?  Or heck a crazy mad Dreadnought?

It is these things that I think could easily show up in this new Ork and build upon a whole – charging matters that isn’t just reroll your charge distance.  Sure that is a great rule – but is it as exciting as grinding your opponent down under waves of gross blubber, rusted metal, and angry jerks?

The Doctor Is In!

After that idea I think the next thing is we are going to see some kind of “surgery” aspect that comes from these Painbosses.  Something that allows you to build up your characters a bit – maybe an option to pick one or roll for 2 and see what madness happens in a game.  I miss some of the Random nature when the beginning of the game defines your army a bit.  I loved those old days of my Daemonic Triad getting all kinds of wacky powers and I had to figure out how the hell I could win.  Or who I had to protect.  Just like they have upgrades for vehicles we could see these little doodads and add ons for your big bad ass Ork monsters.


A Greenskin Lt?

Finally how much do you want to bet we basically get an Ork Lt like option.  Something to reroll those wounds or give some other kind of weird bonus.  I know we had the Nob Banner guy but it always felt like we were missing some interesting leadership rolls for Orks that didn’t revolve around Painboys, Mekboys, or some Weirdboy.  I think working this whole multi layer leadership options would do wonders to help build out the Ork culture a bit.  Or at the very least give us a sweet new model or two to work with.

Neva-Endin Spellz

Lastly the final thought would be – what if the Orks did get some kind of Endless like spell?  What if they got some kind of Waaagh energy option that built up with all these yahoos running around, grunting thru the battlefield, and causing all kinds of Mayhem?  Maybe it manifests into a Giant foot that goes stomping around or some kind of Green fist of doom?  It always felt like an easy model to build and make for 40k as the Orks are really these giant angry balls of doom.

What do you guys think?  Am I even going to be close to any of the Ork rules?  Are you exciting to be dealing with Giant angry Squigs?  Why aren’t they cute like the Goblin ones?


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