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Kickstarter Round-Up: Goblin Adventures, Adorable Cat Dice, and Nordic Heroes

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May 12 2021

Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter and crowdfunding highlights!

Storm Weavers – Solo RPG

This is a single-person game about a journey Thymin, a mercenary soldier of the free dwarven company in the service of King Ernan, embarked on to save his friend. Unfortunately, fate cruelly mocked him and led him to completely unexplored places full of danger and wonder. 

Storm Weavers is a book in which you determine the plot development based on the decisions you take. Each paragraph within the 350-page story contains unique decisions to be made and leads you to subsequent pages within the storybook. Often, you have several options to choose from and depending on which one you choose, that’s how the story will go. Be wise and prudent, as the game has different endings.

Pledges start at $25 for a PDF.


Purryhedrals Dice

I don’t know if you’ve been on the internet lately, but it sure seems like folks ’round these parts REALLY like cats. Geeks, in particular, love their feline familiars! Purryhedrals are an original design by Green Leaf Geek that celebrates these furry, whiskered friends in all their fluffy glory.

Each 11-piece set includes 7 different cat silhouettes, safely tucked inside clear resin. D20s and D6s will all have the same cat silhouette.


Pledges start at $23 for a set.


Valhalla Resin, Metal, & STL Minis

This set is composed of 4 Nordic Gods and 5 Valkyries. My idea for this project was to give life to the Norse gods in a different way than commercial media usually show them. I wanted to make a more personal approach to the design.

These models are all, of course, of my own creation and interpretation. These designs were created exclusively for this Kickstarter, you won’t find them elsewhere. They are ideal for gamers, painters, and collectors. They will be released as both an STL-file for 3D printing, and as a physical copy cast in resin or metal.

Pledges start at $13 for a resin or metal mini and $24 for the STL set.



Historic Board Games

“Peg Pastimes” is a diverse collection of traditional strategy games. Some are as ancient as civilization itself, while others are several centuries old. If you travel the world today, you’ll see people in all reaches of the globe playing games – these games. Not only do they represent the world’s varied cultures, they’re fun to play, again and again!

This collection includes:

  • Yoté
  • Madelinette
  • Picaria 
  • Pretwa
  • Latrunculi
  • Queah

Pledges start at $13 for a single game.


Hyperion 13 Printable Terrain

This project consists of 6 main areas of tiles and props (over 180 STLs):

  • front entrance area with defensive structure (second floor)
  • great hall
  • corridor section
  • storage/prison 
  • generator room
  • 2 “wall tiles” high hangar with functioning hangar doors and crane
  • multi-purpose armored vehicle (MPAV) with optional top cover add-on and forklift stacker
  • props to decorate the rooms
  • 40mm & 60mm bases
  • and as usual, more will be unlocked from stretch goals!

Pledges start at $33 for a full set of files.


Pathfinder: Fumbus!


If you are a veteran of Pathfinder roleplaying games, you no doubt have encountered the GOBLINS! Whether they are comic relief or vile shifting stab you in the back conniving NPCs…you know they are not to be trusted. But there is one among them, an Alchemist by trade, that is the (not-so) shining example of what Goblin-kind can be.  It is FUMBUS! And everyone’s favorite self-interested hero is leaping from the Adventure Paths to comic books in a brand new tale!

The new PATHFINDER comic book special is written by veteran scribe and gamer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and illustrated by Tom Garcia (Hellraiser).  Our tale introduces Fumbus, the Goblin Alchemist, to comics with a 40-page adventure full of sneaky and diabolically devilish adventure.  

(This week’s header image is from this campaign.)

Pledges start at $20 for a physical copy.


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