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May 4th Brings New Star Wars Hasbro Figs and Collectibles

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May 4 2021

It’s Star Wars Day! The biggest day of the year for new action figures and collectibles releases.

A bunch of new toys were revealed during this morning’s live stream. If you’re not in the mood to watch, jump below for screenshots and details. Most of these go on pre-order tomorrow at various retailers and on HasbroPulse – if you really want it, prepare to get up early.


Star Wars The Vintage Collection

  • Clone Trooper Echo – May 5th Pre-order

  • The Mandalorian – Offworld Jawa – May 5th Pre-order

  • Return of the Jedi – Ewok Teebo – TBA

  • The Old Republic – Republic Trooper – TBA

  • Star Wars Prototype Edition Boba Fett – Pre-Orders May 5th at Target

Star Wars The Black Series

  • Omega – TBA
  • Death Watch Mandalorian Wearable Helmet – Pre-Order May 5th GameStop

  • Gaming Greats Flametrooper – Pre-Orders May 5th GameStop

  • Gaming Greats Night Brother Warrior – Pre-Orders May 5th GameStop

  • Clone Shock Trooper – May 5th Pre-Order Walmart

  • Vice Admiral Rampart – May 5th Pre-Order Walmart

Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary

  • Death Star Droid – May 5th Pre-Orders Walmart

  • Tusken Raider – May 5th Pre-Orders Walmart


Author: Mars Garrett
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