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Star Wars: X-Wing – Trident Class Card Upgrades

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May 20 2021

Atomic Mass Games has released some new images for the card and ship for the upcoming Trident-class Huge Ship. Come take a look!

Alright X-Wing fans, get ready for the Republic to bring the pain with a new Huge Ship. We knew it was slated for release this summer. And now we’re getting a better look at the cards also included for this ship!

via Atomic Mass Games Facebook

It’s basically a space-ship squid. Sort of. It looks pretty deadly in the picture – but check out what the upgrades do:

Everyone likes a little extra umph in their engines, right? Enhanced Propulsion will get this bad boy moving.



Drill Beak is going to mess up anyone foolish enough to get stuck in it’s rear arc. If you’re at range Zero (and still alive) get ready for those hits to flip into crits, too!


Seriously, do NOT get behind this thing. The tentacles aren’t just for show – they will slap your ship around at range 1-2! Plus, the Trident-class Assault Ship can spend more energy to get extra slaps!

As of right now, this ship is up for pre-order on the Asmodee site. It’s slated for release this summer.

Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Ed: Trident-class Assault Ship $99.95

Whether spearheading surprise attacks on key Republic facilities or pirate raids on innocent worlds, the Trident-class assault ship heralds the arrival of hostile forces, emerging ominously from the seas of stars. Armed with crushing tentacles and capable of operating in space, atmosphere, or the ocean’s depths, these versatile warships present an unorthodox threat that can strike unexpectedly to seize control of nearly any battlefield.


Inside you will find multiple new Huge Ship Upgrade cards, Quick Build cards, and several new scenarios for using this craft: Rising Tide, a head-to-head scenario, and Leviathan Hunt, a co-operative scenario where multiple players work together to bring down a single Trident-class assault ship controlled by a simplified Solo System AI deck.

This pack includes everything you need to add 1 Trident-class Assault Ship to your game.

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