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Total War: Warhammer 3 – Leaked Image Shows Skarbrand As Possible Upcoming Legendary Lord

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May 26 2021

It seems like Total War: Warhammer 3 will feature everyone’s favorite ‘Exiled One’ as a legendary lord: a leaked image appears to reveal Skarbrand.

Leaks’ are back on the menu–a new image unearthed from deep within the Steam files seems to reveal that that Skarbrand is a new Khornate legendary lord in the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3. Details are… sparse… to say the least, since according to Creative Assembly, Warhammer 3 details are supposed to be slowly released over the next few months. But, the internet being what it is, can’t be contained and someone with enough time on their hands finds an image, shares it to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or what have you, and here we go:

So far most of what we’ve seen comes from Kislev, whose bear cannon and ice spells and winged lancers are already both incredibly awesome and incredibly meme-able, so it’s nice to check in with Chaos. Especially since all we’ve seen of them so far is the receiving end of a beatdown in the game’s new survival mode. Skarbrand made it though, making him one of the most popular figures from all of Warhammer. Whether in the Grim Darkness of the Distant Future, the Mortal Realms, or the Old World, Skarbrand cuts (and stabs and smashes and slashes) a striking figure. Too bad Skarbrand HATES striking figures.

To be fair though, Skarbrand hates everything. That’s all he can do:

One dark day, when Khorne’s back was turned and his attention elsewhere, Skarbrand’s fierce pride grew hot and, blinded by rage, he smote the Blood God a mighty blow. Powerful beyond measure was Skarbrand, and he had toppled cities with but one blow apiece, but even he could not pierce Khorne’s brazen armour. Only the smallest of chinks was cut in the Blood God’s armour, but even this was sufficient to draw the terrible fury of Khorne’s gaze.

Incandescent with wrath, Khorne seized the Daemon by the throat. The Blood God cursed Skarbrand’s name and choked all personality from him, leaving only the bottomless rage that had caused him to attack. Climbing the uppermost tower of the Brass Citadel, Khorne cast forth his arm and hurled the Daemon deep into the Realm of Chaos, banishing the Bloodthirster from his presence. For eight days and nights Skarbrand plummeted, a fiery comet of ill-omen streaking across the unchanging sky. The impact of the Bloodthirster’s landing gouged a canyon in the landscape and left his wings tattered and torn. Since that fateful day, Skarbrand has wandered the mortal and immortal realms, drowning his sins in the blood of the slain — though he no longer has the wit to fully understand why.

Guess you could say that these days, Skarbrand’s all the rage…


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